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Happy New Year!!!

I really enjoy this site and wish all of you a Happy New Year!

Break out the new planners!

Is this our favorite holiday or what?

Wishing everyone a wonderful new year.

The wheel turns and brings a fresh start!

Not to mention fresh calendars, maybe fresh pens and notebooks Santa brought us, ... LOL!! Happy New Year indeed!!

Happy New Year!

Its a new year and kind of like a fresh start to put last years plans into action! I think this year I am going to really fine tune my organizational system. I continually find new and what seem to be better ideas. I have been very happy with the circa system now its just a matter of sticking to one style of pages. I am in the process now of printing a new planner with lists for my daily tasks and such, hopefuly it works. Anyone else have any similar goals for the new year? Or any new ideas they are going to test out?

new set up

I have for the past few years set aside part of new Year's Day to write all the dates and birthdays...into my new planner. This year I am tossing the Circa I tried last year and going back to my faithful Filofax. I decided the Circa format took more time tweaking and punching and adjusting and organizing than being a productive planner. It was just too much of a time waster for me. Circa is great for creating "file notebooks", but, even that has been a bit too much for me. I am sure many like the tweaking, but, for me it was a distraction from actually using a planner to its' full potential.

I have used a Filofax since the 1980's, why I changed for a year I do not know-- I have a personal Filofax for calendar and go everywhere info. I use an A5 Filofax for major work notes, journal, prayer, and reference.

What are other people using as their system this year?

Going back to go ahead

Like you, I'm returning after experimenting with other methods. For me it's a return to my trusty Franklin planner...with the twist being that I got a black Franklin Day One with a red bandana print interior and beautiful colored pages at Wal-Mart. It started in July, so I actually did most of my switching then and will continue to use it through Dec. 2009 (it was for 2009 calendar year and included bonus pages for July through Dec. 2008).

Yes, tweaking gets to be too much work after awhile. I've found that for occasions when I don't want to drag "the book" along (it's a compact size) I just write everything I need to know or do for the day on an index card and slip it in my purse. It took awhile to re-do my address/special dates/etc. pages, but once they're done, they're done and can last indefinitely. I just need to switch out the new calendar pages when I use up what I have. I guess this is my way of simplifying my routine.

The pages are 2 pages per week, which is just enough for my appointments and major reminders. Everything else is in my contextual lists.

I like having a book that's thick enough to throw in a bill I need to pay and some photos, etc., etc. without getting all bulgy.