FRUSTRATED! Printing fails no matter what options


I'm new and am trying to print a simple 'notes' page from the "notes" addon. I'm using Linux, Adobe, and an HP 3050 all-in-one. I've tried the 1up and the 2up and have gotten no where.

First off, the printer requires the paper to be fed "centered". Upon trying the 1up form and under Adobe setting no scaling or rotating or centering as specified, I got only the bottom-LEFT of the notes page. Violating instructions I set Adobe to auto-center. The left-right margins seemed to work, but the printed contents were too far to the LEFT. aka the margin for holes and 'N' of "Notes" was off the paper.

I moved to the 2up version. Upon following instructions of no scaling/rotating/centering, it printed normally but not landscape. So I got one good "Notes" page and the other was cutoff. So I selected "Landscape" and again no scaling/rotating/centering. The result was pretty much the same result. There was more paper space to print both "Notes" pages, but only 1 and a half printed. Furthermore, the top part of the "Notes" pages did not print even though there was paper.

In order to picture what I'm talking about, follow me on a small journal. Imagine a nicely printed pair of "Notes" pages from the 2up as it should look but printed on clear paper and this an overlay. In your mind, take the overlay and lie it on top of an 8.5x11 paper. Now move the overlay up about an inch. Next, erase the right half of the 2nd "Notes" page and about and inch or more off the top. The resulting 8.5x11 paper is what I get.

It's as if the printer and Adobe are trying to print an 8.5x11 document inside a print-area on an 8.5x11 paper which is normally smaller accounting for printer margins.

If you're still lost and think you can help, let me know and I should be able to scan the resultant prints and upload them somewhere.



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Re: FRUSTRATED... Diverted.

For you Linux users, perhaps this may help: forget Adobe. I printed the 2up version from Evince and it printed changes were needed. However, I still was not able to get the 1up version to print correctly even with Evince.

If anyone knows how to get the 1-up version working with the HP3050 or any "center-aligning" printer under Linux...please do tell.


P.S. By "center-aligning" I'm assuming it means the paper must go into the printer centered...not on one side or other of the paper feeder.