Rollabind disks

Just a quick FYI - I received my order today - 4 pkgs of medium gelly disks (50 ea). None of the packages actually had 50 disks - 3 had 47 and one had 48. Also,the orange gellies are actually more red than orange. The medium are smaller than I expected (yes, I did look at the comparison page on this site - don't know what I was thinking), but still pretty nice all in all. The shipping took about a week (less than 10 days) from ordering on line to ripping open the package today - not bad, not bad at all.

I'm going into my meetings next week with the snazziest notebooks around!

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OK, ya made me look

I ordered :
50 Large Clear - I got 51
50 Medium Clear - I got 50
50 Large Bright Silver - I got 50

Did you call ?
Did you POLITELY complain ?
Did you POLITELY request the 8 missing discs be sent to you ?
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Haven't gotten that far yet

I just opened the package when I got home from work (about 6p) last night, so I haven't talked to them yet. I admit, I got distracted by the pretty colors and organizing possibilities ...