Wide Ruled paper for Rollabind notebook? (My first post!)

Hi, I've been lurking here for a while but this is my first post.

I love my new Rollabind, but because my writing is messy and big, I much prefer wide ruled paper. Is there anywhere I can buy wide ruled paper whose quality is similar to Levenger's (i.e. heavyweight)? I have both the full size and the junior size notebooks, so I'd like to find paper for both.

I realize that this forum is called DIY, but I'd much prefer to buy paper than to print it out myself and then, in the case of the junior rollabind, have to cut it. I'm willing to do this if it's the only alternative though.

Thanks in advance,

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Could be tough

Finding paper is easy.
Getting it to size and with the lines you want is not.
Getting it punched for disc binding (we call it "smurfed") is tougher yet.
DIY is easiest.
You will need the punch at a minimum. Check this thread for details about getting one for $30
If your printer can handle junior/half-letter size paper, go to Staples, get your paper and have them cut it in half for you, then print your lines.
If your printer only does letter, get your paper, print the lines long-ways, take it back to Staples and ask them to cut it in half for you.
A place like FedEx-Kinko's will do the printing for you and then cut the paper.
There are lots of possibilities.
Welcome aboard.
Holler if you need more info.
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Thanks, Ygor. Yes, I

Thanks, Ygor. Yes, I realize that I will have to get one of the special hole punches. But where do I find a template for printing out wide ruled paper? A search on this forum turned up nothing.(Please be gentle; I'm a DIY newbie. :)