My Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase youtube vid. How i implemented GTD on it

Hey if you could check the video out and tell me any suggestions. This video just covers my GTD system!


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Nice job!


Nice job, and some good ideas! I just got a pocket briefcase for Christmas as well, I got the one with the pen slot to make sure I'd always have a pen handy (not much good without it!).

I like your tool pocket, that's pretty clever. I was really just planning to use mine as a 'ubiquitous capture' device, but you have some good ideas how to make it even more functional. Truly you are wise beyond your years...

Anyway, nice job with the review (except for the focus) and I think you had some good ideas on setting up the PB to be even more useful as a GTD tool. Have a look folks!


Nice Job

I love mine (no pen slot, but I always have at least a space pen with me), but I use it just for capture. I like the various tools you've added too.

People dont forget to rate

People dont forget to rate and comment.


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Really Nice Idea!

I hope that Levenger will make it available in a nonleather alternative, as they've done with their Circa covers. I was gratified to see that they've now got covers without a leather lining.