Notetaking methods site of possible interest

While cruising the 'net for something unrelated, I found a site new to me.

At, Jim Burke provides numerous examples of different types of notetaking templates and brief descriptions of their use. Although there is nothing earth-shatteringly novel there, and they wouldn't be useful to me as-is, they did start me thinking about some alternate ways of taking notes in my work that I might incorporate as time goes on… and as I find some "perspiration" to go with that "inspiration".

He also mentions that his book, Tools for Thought (see, contains more detailed discussions of the various notetaking methods, examples, etc. The material is geared toward teachers of (and students in) grades 6-12, but one imagines many of us here are perennial students in one way or another… ;-)

Other sources of printable templates for plain Cornell notes, graph paper, dots, music, etc. are also out there (and here!), of course. In our own template section we have very nice forms for notetaking that coordinate with all the other forms. There are also these that I use from time to time:

- Graph paper/note paper .pdf generator at Incompetech
- All manner of papers
- Cornell method .pdf generator

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Wow !! Notes all over the place !

Oh boy, I see lotsa possibilities :)
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