UrbanEast found a 30% off coupon for Levenger...

The code is TAKE30. The site that listed it did not list an expiration date, but it worked for me on Monday night; I just bought one of their big punches.

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Great Deal -- no apparent min

I just tried this on a tiny order (<$25) and it worked. It's sort of like 20% + free shipping rolled into one.

The punch ends up being $48 shipped. The unpunched annotated 300 sheet paper is on super sale of $9.95 (from $38, RF8-ADS3130). The sampler $40 gift cards are a nice thing to add with this large a discount (~$28 for a future gift/conversion tool /personal shopping).


Good idea to get the sampler

I tried this code last week and it didn't work, glad you guys are having success with it - I'll tuck it away for next time....

still working!

Worked on 1/8/09.

Worked for me!

I needed some new wallet notecards and 3x5 notecards, and some "real" writing paper. What a bargain (for Levenger, anyway)!! Thanks so much for sharing!

i just got a jeeves for

i just got a jeeves for $59.99 off - and it was already $100.00 off - thanks!!!

Used it on the stock-up sale

Levenger has a lot of paper, misc. Circa, and such on sale for "stock up" time. I used this code just now and saved even more - thanks so much!

Not so sure whether to thank you or scream...

I've now made 3 orders at levenger.com since I found the TAKE30 discount. It still works. I never had any Circa stuff before; I've always used 3-ring binders of various shapes, sizes and materials (store-bought and homebrew). I decided to take the circa plunge, and I am impressed. I got the big punch so I can use my own forms (mainly household and health stuff) and make my own covers - I have lots of unpunched covers for my 2-wire binder, and they work beautifully in the circa punch. I also got a few of the 'bookcloth' notebooks (PDA,Compact and Jr size), various plastics inserts, paper, etc, and the $40 "sampler" kit w/the $40 gift card. I just used the gift card along with the coupon code a few minutes ago, and got $150 worth of stuff for $70, shipped.

And this was supposed to be the year of reducing clutter and 'stuff'...

UrbanEast found a 30% off coupon for Levenger...

Still works on 1/21/09. One trick - I tried to buy the sample pack that comes with a $40 gift card, thinking if I got 30% off that, it would be QUITE a bargain. However, no dice. Only on merchandise. So I bought the large punch and got the 30% off.

Yeah, they've tightened up on the coupon

The gunmetal walletini in on sale for $19 but if you try to use the coupon on top of that, right back to full price :(
also, I've noticed, no freebies if you use the coupon.

still works

works as of today, jan 22.


This is one of the best thing that's happened to me in years

Sad to say, perhaps, but true. A problem with crazy IT people at my new job (I used to be in IT, so I can judge)....a problem with not being able to use the digital system I've honed over years has forced me to go back to paper. Almost entirely. And I'm so glad I can.

I started buying paper the day I got the discount, and kept buying it as I had more money coming in. I've got reams and reams of paper, which I never imagined I would have. The discount is one thing that made me decide to bite the bullet and switch. I've bought lots of related stuff of course, and plan more major investment.

Sometimes I get a little dizzy when I look at my supplies and know I can keep setting up a completely new system with multiple notebooks. And keep it going. And really use use it, instead of being stingy.

It reminds me of David Allen's command to keep lots of fresh file folders, an overabundance of file folders, so you will file with abandon. I'm retooling with abandon, and it all looks cool to my co-workers, none of whom have ever seen Levenger stuff.

So I'm happy instead of having a nervous breakdown, thanks to the clearances and the discount. It really saved me. As a byproduct, I accidently reconceptualized running all the parts of my life in a much better way. Which is the Holy Grail for those of us afflicted with a love of paper and nice office supplies, right?

Levenger coupon

It worked on 2/2/09. 30% off on Levengers? Gotta love it! TAKE30 is the code. Wonderful! Thanks for the tip!!!

Not Any More

I just tried to place an order using TAKE30. I got no discount and canceled the order. Will wait til the next 30% off sale.

I must say, I'm kinda glad...

They got enough of my money in January - I think I made 4 orders with the TAKE30 code! ;)

I SOOOO Understand

The good news, of course, is that this is one addiction that won't land you in jail!

too true!

I can totally imagine pen dealing on street corners in poorly lit areas...

think of how much happier people would be! :D

As long as nobody tries to

As long as nobody tries to snort any ink.

Me too

But there's still the 20% one!


But I got spoiled while planning an order to take advantage of the 30% off deal. There's nothing that I absolutely need, only stuff that I want.


I visit the site and drool every day, but I've promised myself that I will not place another order for at least a month. :)

I Know the Feeling.

The problem is that neat stuff just somehow keeps popping up. There's no advertising via e-mail or other sources that I can find. I just discovered the colored plastic covers when on one of my window-shopping sprees.

Not sure if this is good news or bad news:

The TAKE30 code seems to work again... ;)

not anymore :(

not anymore :(

Didn't work for me, either.

Didn't work for me, either.