Levenger: what would you ask for?

My bfriend has offered to buy me some Levenger goodies. But there are so many things I want! What would you ask for?

(I already have a desk punch and one Junior size, 1" disk notebook that I use for a planner)

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Well, if money were no object..

I would get the larger size book bungee with the pen loop, for starters. Maybe a couple of them in different colors.

I might, if I weren't feeling DIYish that day, go for some circa tabs and pockets, and maybe the new colored plastic covers. I might go for a bookcloth notebook in a festive color, possibly in letter size, since I already have a leather one in the Junior size.

Just on general principles I might go for a lap desk. Those are handy and we don't have any right now.

If I had a need for larger discs, I'd get the pretty new nickels. :)

I keep eyeballing the pocket dock-it items, but I don't use 3x5 cards as much as I used to. The wall-mounted card stand thingies look nice, though. Those would be on my list for photos and reminders at my desk, I think.

I desperately love my 3x5 pocket briefcase, I might get another if there was a nice enough color..the one I have is burgundy and is starting to show age on the corners.

Mostly, though, I don't really need anything else, and I'm rather cheap so I feel bad even to ask for stuff from them on my 'santa list'. Their stuff tends to give me ideas for DIY items, but I'm just not doing as much with my Rolla/Circa as I used to. And the non-Circa stuff is just so flat-out expensive, holy cow. Even the 30% coupon isn't really enough to bring the stuff down to 'reality' for me.

Anyway, I'm sure that's no help. :) Good luck choosing.


pocket briefcase

What do you use your pocket briefcase for?



I keep my pocket briefcase stocked with a few cards in my back pocket and a G2 mini or a mini mechanical pencil in my front pocket. I use it whenever I have a thought away from my desk that I want to remember. Phone messages, grocery lists, gift ideas, to-do lists (like household chores)...they all go in there temporarily. Basically, it's a scratch pad that stays with me.

In GTD lingo, it's my ubiquitous capture. I don't really follow GTD much, but it's a useful concept.

The jotter is basically covering for the fact that I can't remember things long enough to get from one room to another--so if I'm in the bathroom and realize we need more soap, I have to write it down *in the bathroom* or I'll never remember it long enough to get it to the master list on the fridge.

In 2007, I had one card per topic that was ongoing--like one for Christmas gifts and another for groceries, etc. This year hasn't needed that much structure, so I've only kept one card going at a time. Use the front, then flip it over and use the back, then throw it away.


Pocket briefcase

The Pocket Briefcase is sooo great. I made a video of how I implemented GTD and all those other thingy

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

which pocket briefcase...

do you use? The website shows several different models in a pretty wide price range. I like the ones that come with mini-pens, though, seems handy.

Plain ol'


I use the shirt pocket briefcase (no pen) that has the full-width pockets for holding the card in place, rather than the corner pockets. It has three pockets in total--one to expose a card, one that completely encloses the cards, and the third that exposes just an edge.


Discs and Covers !!

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Pen parapet

It would be nice to have all my pens contained in my purse without worrying about damage. Plus they are on a great sale. Also liking the accordian wallet but not sure on that one!

I just received a

I just received a junior-size Livingstone Circa notebook as a gift. It's beautiful, I love the texture in the leather. Now that I have what I asked for, I want to find different paper, but that isn't something Levenger has.
I might ask for kyoto or nickel discs, since they're totally exhorbitant and unnecessary otherwise.
We got my brother the project binder, to cannibalize for parts because it has such a nice variety, and the XL discs for archiving. Practical, but a fair chunk of change all told.

Cubi Agenda Stand

I bought one of these with the $40 gift certificate that comes with the sampler, and I absolutely love it. My calendar is right there and easy to see all day.

two different stands

There is the Junior-size Cubi Agenda Stand for $58 and then there is the compact-size Circa Daily Desk Calendar Stand that is being cleared for $20 !
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


did you give you a price limit or say pick one thing or what? this would help in the decision! ;)

I just ordered 3X5pocket protector kit, Holiday tasker cards (300 in a box), 3X5 file folders & the treasury tags (looked interesting). All for $27 (including shipping).

Guess what I am saying is that you could get a bunch of clearance items or maybe one big item (like a leather foldover or something)!

So many different and fun choices! :) Have FUN!


I'd go for a set of the new mulitcolored plastic covers with enough discs to make them all into notebooks. It seems as though the new covers are the same muted pastel colors that Levenger's folders and dividers are.

Can it be for something that doesn't exist?

When I saw the title of this post, I first thought that it was going to be a thread about what we'd like to see Levenger make.

I'd LOVE to see a Circa compatible Softolio getup, but since that's not on the menu, I'd probably spring for their Circa Caddy, the Morgan Unifier, the colored plastic Circa covers, and the Circa desk calendar stand.

Free international shipping.

Free international shipping.

Too right

Though I'd settle for reasonable shipping costs that didn't make Levenger a ridiculous profit. Making your money on shipping is so ebay..........



Amen to that!

And if not free shipping - at least give use a choice of shipping mode.

Airmail works quite well, I'm prepared to wait the extra couple of days. I might even be able to afford more Levenger goodies with the money saved.

Not a big fan of the shipping prices, however...

Dont forget, you are paying for the cost of the nice green boxes that most of the stuff comes in, and they do have quite good customer service, so I dont know how much of it is "making money from shipping prices" vs. just covering the expenses of their high overhead.

I've been wanting their

I've been wanting their accordian wallet for some time, but I can't justify $98 and I don't like the holiday colors that are on sale...

I also thought this was a wish-list for what I hoped Levenger would make! My most pressing need/want is a junior sized zippered folio that could hold 1+ inch rings comfortably. I keep my calendar (their monthly agenda) and some plastic tabs with notes, and it just doesn't fit into a 3/4" ring without coming off as I turn pages.

I really like the zippered style, or I'd just monkey with some covers. I need it to look contained and professional at the office and with clients.

I am hoping for...

...a harmonica briefcase to accompany the accordian wallet.

But then I am such a poor musician, I do not know my brass from my oboe !

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)