Circa Compact 2009 agenda question

I have all different size circa products and have been ordering my agendas from Levenger for the past couple of years. This year i want to go with the Compact size but you have to buy a separate kit for each quarters. This is where I draw the line! I would like to print my own. Which of the templates would work for the Circa compact size?

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circa agenda

not sure if i'm understanding right about "quarters", but i bought the junior-size agenda refill and the whole year was in a single package for a single price. the set-up is improved from previous years, having the month start on new pages.

It's a daily vs. weekly thing

Levenger's 2-page-per-week agendas are sold by the year, I believe, while daily pages are sold by the quarter.

Here's an idea I use: I prefer to see my whole week at once...but there are times when that format doesn't give me enough room for the items I need/want to list. I often stick a lined page between the 2-page layout of my week to write all the other stuff on. This allows more note space without having it in a separate section of your planner.