Renaissance Art ROCKS!

Well, ok, we all already knew that.

But still - I emailed them (our own ArtBeast, actually) to find out about getting a Folder Holder made with the pad on the left for my lefty hubby's birthday. I placed the order and got the order confirmation at 11:06 pm last Wednesday night - and got the shipping confirmation at 11:47am the next day - on a special order. That probably doesn't happen every single time - but WOW.

And that's just the shipping. This thing is absolutely magnificent. Not the put-it-on-the-shelf-and-don't-hurt-it kind of magnificent, but the walk-in-the-meeting-and-command-dark-green-envy kind of magnificent. The quality and workmanship are outstanding, the leather is a tactile and aesthetic delight, the design is usable and not fussy - perfect in every way.

I'm starting to save my pennies to get a right-handed one for me. :-)

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So tell us how you REALLY feel

Don't hold back


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

And, as they say in other forums....

Pics or it didn't happen! I wanna see this! I'm a leftie too, and might want something like this! ;-)


Round Tuits...

OK Jon -

I finally found those "round tuits" I've been looking for - sorry it took so long! I posted 3 pix of this beauty in the Kit Gallery. Put a plastic cover over the keyboard to protect it from drool... ;-)

OK - maybe that's a leeeetle exaggeration... you tell me...

not yet?

Hm. must not be approved yet, because I couldn't find the page.... Link maybe?


Just approved these shots as

Just approved these shots as well as 3 more by doornum3. You can find them starting at

If you can't view them, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Also Flickr-d

Thanks Innowen! I also put 'em on the Flickr site earlier today.

I had forgotten about that - there are some other fairly recent pics up there as well. I'm going to have to remember to check it more often. I really love to see all the ways people are getting themselves more organized, facilitating their own creativity, etc. And then there's the stealing of all those good ideas for my own selfish schemes... :-)

Great Service

Just want to echo others that Renaissance Art is great company to deal with. Very responsive and excellent product. Highly recommend!

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