The endless quest for the perfect planner continues

It's that time of year again. Last year I tried to implement a commercially available disc based compact agenda (brand name deleted in an effort to avoid the dreaded spam catcher). I even bought the leather zip cover.

BTW, I am told they (the high end "L" brand) are discontinuing that and it won't be available in 2010 or 2011 (can't remember which). I seem to recall that being discussed last year since a lot of the compact stuff was deeply discounted. So anyone interested in this size may want to look into that now but be prepared to for DIY maintenance.

Anyways, I found the zip cover too cumbersome.

So, once again I'm toying with a plain vanilla 4 up, or index card 1 up (3x5 or 4x6). I was hoping to use some of the templates here but it seems having the cutting edge iMac (well, cutting edge as of Christmas 2008) hasn't improved my ability to figure out how to print them out.

I successfully downloaded the DIY kit, but I can't figure out how to isolate and print only the forms I want.

So I was browsing this site and re-discovered the Kit Photographs. I'm posting the link for anyone that hasn't checked it out or perhaps hasn't seen it in awhile.

Kit Photographs

And, I found this nifty quotation which was the inspiration for ratbagradio's Macawber Breast Pocket PDA. I will be adding this to the Q&A page.
Post by ratbagradio

"Once heard, my dear Copperfield, make a note of."
Wilkins Macawber -- a character in Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield

This may be a good time to ask if I should continue the Q&A thread. I can't tell how many people are seeing it.


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How come...

.... kit photos don't show up in the DiYP tracker (link on the right of the page, under the name "Recent Posts")??? I did not realize that these don't show up. There have been some new posts there in the past few months, and I missed them. :-(

Thanks for the reminder, Cath!