Storing your ideas

I've come to the conclusion lately that life should be organized around what is interesting to you. Your life should be about those things and about making those things happen.

Also what matters is right now. All I need to know is what to do next, everything else is irrelevant at this exact moment in time. You can't focus on everything at once. So you have to choose what is most important, get it done and then choose what is most important next.

I'm a Creative. I have lots of different ideas, different things that seem intreasting to me, ideas I would like to work on, ideas that are maybe more like goals, ideas that are possible future projects.

My question and point of this post is to ask: How do you store and manage your ideas?

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I'd be evicted

if I only did what I was interested in at the moment. I'm never interested in paying the bills!!!

I've started to just write ideas in my Dodo Blank Book, which isnt actually all blank. It's grid paper and plain facing each other. Quite good quality paper too.

Storing ideas

I like to store my ideas for future possibilities on 3x5 cards. Using category dividers it's both convenient and handy. Since 3x5s are both portable and moveable they seem the best choice in my opinion. The info on each card can easily be transferred to a current "medium" when the time is right. When you use this kind of system, you can collect ideas and thoughts until the cows come home. You are only hampered by your 3x5 storage capacity. Good luck. I liked your post very much.