D*I*Y Planner has been FILTERED !

I can no longer participate in the forum during working hours.


I will continue to participate during other hours, but I wanted folks to know that unspamming requests and such can no longer happen from me during US Easter Time Zone Working Hours.

Dang stoopid gubbamint IT weenies

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I've avoided it getting tagged at work (so far) by ALWAYS referring to it as a efficiency/productivity site. I guess filtered is better than fired for inappropriate use of company machines.


we'll miss you during work hours :(

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Remote control..


One way I get around filtering is this: I have my machine at home set up so I can remote control it from elsewhere. Work has not blocked the ports I use for this, in part because they're normal http ports. So I remote my home machine from work and let the home machine browse the sites.

Of course, I'm surely small potatoes, being a very low volume user by comparison with ygor. :)

It's not exactly a great experience, browsing this way, because remote control this way is slow to refresh the view, etc. But I can get my essential little bits done without the Man having an eyeball on every little thing.

ygor, you must know that too much of any single site is going to get it chopped.. :)


I feel for you my friend

I'm with shris. I've used GoToMyPC free trials many times, but signed up recently. My IT people have crippled things so badly I have to use my home comp, for perfectly legit and normal functions of programs provided by the company.....

Here's hoping you find a way. And enjoy a little vacation from responsibilities till you do.