Priority Planner LS

This single-page PlannerPad-ish format incorporates your choice of priorities (a La Stephen Covey), project lists, GTD-ish contextual Next Action lists, a spot to write this week's MUST DO goal, and space for a week's list of appointments for those who only have one or two appointments a day. This form is very flexible, Word-based, and can be tweaked any number of ways.

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Usage advice: 

1. Works either Landscape or Portrait, though Portrait gives more cell room.

2. The Priority numbers across the top are a system I created several years ago after reading Stephen Covey's 7-Habits book that allow me to key everything from notes on the back of a business card to massive files to 7 pre-decided priorities in my life (God, family, etc). In other words, the numbers are pre-decided priorities, not a rating for the projects below. If I have a project under my Number 1 Priority, it takes first importance and gets the majority of my time until completed and I try not to take on more than 3 major projects at any one time. Though that's the way I use the numbers, feel free to use them as a project rating system if you'd like, or delete them completely.

3. The Next Action section is loosely based on David Allen's Getting Things Done contextual task lists and the headings can be tweaked as you see fit.

4. An AM/PM Appointments section is included here; however, for those who find it's more convenient to keep appointments on a timed calendar, simply delete the Appointments section and add the Appointments space to the Next Action section, or vice-versa if you have a lot of appointments and few Next Actions.

5. The Priority Planner LS is Letter size, but can be printed 2 per page to create "Classic" or "Junior" 5.5 x8.5 size. However, printing Letter gives more cell space, so I find it preferable to print it full Letter size, then punch the TOP edge, fold it in half and insert into my Rollabind dayplanner. Folds out for full viewing, or I can leave it folded and just turn the page to see the other half.

Feel free to tweak as you see fit, though if you please also feel free to change the copyright line to say "Copyright DDDD, [your name]. Adapted with permission from the Priority Planner LS, copyright 2007, Laura D. Sanders"

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Microsoft Word or other word processor
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And OpenOffice handles it just fine

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Priority Planner & Open Office

Thanks for the good word on Open Office, Ygor! I've been thinking of making the switch from Word, but haven't quite got up the courage yet. It's good to know my form can go with me when I do make the jump.

I love this!!

And I opened it fine with NeoOffice.

I love this! Thanks!

Thanks for the good word (subject line) about the Priority Planner LS, Nola! Made my day! :-) And for the good news about NeoOffice!