my first attempt...

A calendar on the left and a 'diary' on the right, I'm going to try to see how this works for me. The pdf doesn't show it as well as I had hoped, but in printing, you will see that I have stolen the 'doane' grid / lines for the 'diary.'

I'm already tweaking it in indesign and will likely post again soon... I stole the mini calendars from screen shots from goog cal & the photo in the center is my own work...

since I do not plan to print on the backs (I use markers & fountain pens so it would take prohibitively thick paper) and considering the fact that I'm a compulsive sketcher & could easily use the blank realty if it came down to it, the page margins are a bit odd. for the daily calendar & diary, they are set up to sit open; the remaining doane grid pages are set up to sit on top of each other & hence don't have the same center margin... easy to fix if anyone who's actually interested drops me a line.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

Not sure if there are any other (intern) architects out there... but the 'diary' page will be my idp log - drop me a line if you have suggestions or questions, would be great to hear!

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Adobe PDF
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Thanks to Innowen for

Thanks to Innowen for posting! I'm bummed that the pdf looks so clunky... in the printed version, the lines don't have any oddity of alignment, and they're much finer lineweights...


I have updated the template w/ some tweaks & manually populated it w/ my goog cal as an example of what I had in mind to ygor...

will post the update as soon as I figure out how!