A Renaissance Art Winner

"You like me... you really like me!"

Just thought I'd share the excitement, as I won last week's Renaissance Art Blog's Giveaway, Week 11! So, I am just looking forward to the box arriving with my new cover. Clever idea to use those prototypes and imperfect items!

I have yet to buy anything from the friendly fellow-DIYPlanner-citizen reviewed on this site (aka user 'ArtBeast') ... but I do have a couple R-A items on my birthday list.

Check it out the final retail version of the soon-to-be-mine cover here -- and I'll post a quick update on it, when it arrives.


P.S. Did I really just try to quote Sally Fields in my opening?... wow. I need my morning meds...

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As a loser of that giveaway, please do post your impressions on it so I can win vicariously through you.

Don't feel too bad for me has I have the junior size of this which holds my writing project planner. I love just about everything about it except that the left side, for which I got the index card slots, is very heavy and makes it a bit awkward when opened. But I don't think I'd change it anyway.

waHOO Congrats

Hey Venti+,

Congrats on being the lucky winner. I absolutely love my Disc-bound and my Moleskine covers from Arthur. May it give you lots of happy thoughts.

Definitely let us know what you think of it and how you intend to use it when you get it.

*Tosses confetti*
... doesn't it feel GOOD to be a winner?...