Tech Help Needed: Opening .ODS file

Please HELP! I have Open Office version 2.3 on my computer. I have successfully downloaded the file "A5_AgendaPerso_GTD_en2" and I am trying to open it. The file saves as a zip file. I extract all the files, which gives me several folders and a bunch of .XML documents. I can't seem to get past this point so that the file will open into something other than garbled html code! I know I'm tech challenged, but I'd appreciate someone letting me know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks!

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Version 3

TO open an .ODS file you need version 3.

Thank you!

That makes sense, because I have been trying to open it with Open Office version 2.3

and I thought...

..... it was because she was unzipping the file..... can open zip files. Either drag the zip to its icon, or open it from within OOo. 2.3 might be able to open it.


When I open the zipped file using Open Office 2.3, it works like a charm. Before I was unzipping first, which gave me a bunch of XML files I couldn't access. Thank you, thank you, thank you, jonglass!


Or maybe I should pretend not to be surprised that it worked. ;-)

Glad it worked for you!

BTW, I forgot to mention that frequently, simply changing the .zip extension to .ods will also work.


why the ext .zip?

I am wondering why it is saving the ods file with .zip extension. Is there any setting for that?

Even if you try to open any intranet link refering to .ods will load the .ods file with .zip extension.


The Open Doc file format is actually a zip file, with files inside it--a package of files. Since it really is just a zip file, some programs see that, and automatically add the zip extension to it, without your asking. I am guessing this is browser-specific. I typically use Omniweb so I don't see this, but I have used other browsers that did automatically add the zip extension. You can try doing a "save as..." option, and see if it lets you get rid of the .zip extension when saving the download, but other than that, I can only suggest trying another browser (Safari comes to mind) ;-)