What happened to all the

classic size templates in the user contributed template section? There is only one page. Usually at the bottom of the page there are several following pages that you can click on. I don't think it is my computer. ???

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mine is okay

mine shows 8 pages with a next and last option... perhaps it is your connection? you could be loading an incomplete page?

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Yes, thank you

That must have been it. I restarted my browser and they all reappeared. Gee, you would think they belonged to me by my reaction. I guess I have come to depend on this site! :) thanks!!

Don't Panic

I do understand you terror. I'd be very upset if any portion of the templates here went away. I NEED them.

totally understand

i often find myself browsing through the templates for inspiration and comfort... sounds odd, eh? but there is something about this site that grounds me... :)

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Browsing and Grounding...

Me too, actually. Its like walking aimlessly through Staples or a stationers'... oh come on, admit it - you do that too!! or maybe I'm the only one...

I'm pretty proud of myself today. I'm in DC on a business trip and I have resisted going out to the Levenger store. Good thing it isn't on a Metro stop, or I'd probably have already been out there drooling.

**love** stationery

I had an armful of office supplies yesterday and managed to restrain myself...

i bought 8 *WONDERFUL* gel pens ((going to review on my blog i love them so much) for $4.10, a set of index tabs for 1 dollar for my "everything" circa book i'm assembling and some fancy cute post-it type sticky notes for $1 ...

my budget is too tight for me to even browse levenger... i hope that spring brings around some more financial security and a long awaited levenger order! :D they have so many delicious things! oh and ren.art too... that place is soooooo tempting!

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