Less expensive leather totes?

I am looking for totes such as those sold on Levenger. But, a bit (or a whole lot) cheaper. Has anyone found such a wonderful site?

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eBay ?

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Stating the obvious

I'm guessing you've looked - but have you tried ebags? They are FABULOUS - quick shipping, easy returns, great prices. kind of the bag equivalent of Zappos.

thanks so much!! A great site!!

Thanks for taking the time to respond, this is very good!

Oh good

I'm so glad. I've ordered several times from there and always been happy. I hope you find something that works!

Good info

This is good for me because I've thought of getting a nice bag when my tax returns come in. My canvas messenger bag is OK but I'd like something a bit better, and I'm hoping to find something good in the $100 to $200 range.

I second the vote for ebags.com

I've always had great luck there. Luggage, wallets, handbags, laptop cases, business cases, and cases in almost every size for various gadgets and miscellaneous stuff. If you sign up for their mailing list you'll get periodic emails with discount coupons - typically 20% off.

Outlet Malls

Don't forget the nearest Outlet Malls! We have strings of them in our area, including such names as Kenneth Cole. I recently gave an Outlet-purchased Kenneth Cole leather 3-ring classic binder a second life by converting it to a Circa dayplanner cover by having my husband remove the ring mechanism. I've very satisfied with my "new" binder! :-) I remember the store also had Totes and Bags as well, so check online or your old-fashioned yellow pages for the nearest Outlet Mall. Several of ours are owned by "Tangers" in case that helps any.

Another option is Whole Earth Provision Company or a similar outdoorsy/outfitter type store.

There's also thrift shops

It's a chancy proposition, but thrift shops can have good bags for low prices.

At my local shop, I once bought a vintage leather briefcase for $8. A little TLC later and it was stunning, and it holds my laptop and cords perfectly, with room left over for a couple of books. It's probably from the 50s or earlier so the juxtaposition just delights me. The one problem is that the lock assembly is just an empty sham; it latches but there's no machinery for the lock.

Still, it's not for everyday, as I don't need my laptop for regular business. I'm looking for a good bag for everyday use....