S.A.K.I.T.A. (C) -- Self Administered Kick In The A**terisk (c)

I'm at the inception stage of a new organizational system: Self Administered Kick In The A**terisk (c), otherwise known as SAKITA. (c), which can be shortened to KITA (c). Actually it's more of an organizational philosophy than a "system" at this point.

The only rules so far: write it down (whatever "it" is), read/review "it" as necessary, actually follow through on whatever the "it" is (or some manageable portion of "it") at appropriate intervals depending upon whether "it" is a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly (SA)KITA (c).

I have no idea how much it will resemble some of the time tested systems such as GTD, never having properly implemented one of them. However, the acronym is meant to suggest an assertive dog under the guiding influences of martial arts discipline and "flow" (which is somewhat GTD'ish).

So far the physical components include the spine of a $2.89 3x5 Oxford 2 ring index card binder (actual dimensions 4 x 6 3/8 x 1 1/2) with the rings spaced approximately 4 1/4 apart, "on center"; and a $5.00 3 3/4 x 6 3/4 fake leather ziparound DayRunner from a local "Ocean State Job Lot" (actual dimensions 5 1/2 x 8 x 1 1/2). I trimmed off the front of the 3x5 Oxford poly binder and used the 2 ring spine still attached to the back to replace the 6 ring spine of the DayRunner. The 6 ring spine is attached to a thick plastic back which slides right out of the vertical slip pocket in the back of the organizer. I merged a couple of the 6 ring inserts onto the 2 ring spine (which fit the bottom 5 or top 5 rings of the 6 ring spine; I use the bottom 5).

Additionally, I took a $1.00 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 "At A Glance" type weekly agenda (also found at "Ocean State") unbound it by taking the staples out, cut it down the middle and 2 hole punched the pages using a standard 3 hole punch. I didn't even need to move one of the punches!

The DayRunner has an interior, left side vertical accordion pocket with 4 horizontal credit card slip pockets and a vertical clear plastic slip pocket for a business card. Additionally, there was a rather bulky, but functional, front flap secured by two strong "button" magnets. It had one large horizontal outside slip pocket, and three small vertical inside slip pockets for credit cards and a clear plastic vertical slip pocket for a business card. The fake leather itself seems thin but it is reinforced by two layers of medium thickness cardboard. So I cut the bulky flap off to expose one large horizontal slip pocket on the front of the organizer. It is big enough for a 4X6 index card. And there is another horizontal slip pocket underneath that which is big enough for a 3x5 card. Beneath the large slip pocket and to the left of the small slip pocket is a narrow slip pocket for a pen or pencil.

Cutting the flap off reduced the bulk and weight considerably, I'm guessing by about 1/6th to 1/5th.

If I were custom designing this I would make it 1" to 1 1/2" shorter and a 1/2" narrower. The 1 1/2" depth should be enough for the 1 1/2" rings but the material makes it just a little snug. Those dimensions would make it just right for the Card System I envisioned with an emphasis on portability and the flexibility to merge an organizational system with flashcards for my two children.

I can have any number of 2 ring binders for 3x5 and 4x6 flashcards and pop the cards in and out of the 2 ring spine I replaced the 6 ring spine with.

Additionally, I have the flexibility of printing my own 1 up card forms or 4 ups on standard or legal paper. Which can be punched with a standard 3 hole punch. As mentioned above you don't even need to move one of the punches.

I did consider trimming an inch off the top of the organizer. It wouldn't be pretty but I could "finish" the edge with black electrical tape and I could still easily use the zipper as long as I created a "stop" by sewing and reinforcing the top with enough heavy thread. But given the amount of space I'd actually save I'd just as soon keep the extral length and be able to zip all three sides.

And while I would prefer that the whole thing be shorter, I can use any standard 6 ring inserts for the 3 3/4 x 6 3/4 DayRunner. And the additional height and width gives me a little room to overstuff it.

Finally, regarding "Circafication" potential. You could easily replace the 6 ring spine with a compact or 1/4 page disc bound notebook. Also, you might also be able to supplement the 2 ring binder with a top loading 3x5 disc bound notebook on the inside left accordion pocket by using a sharp knife to cut a fifth credit card slot beneath the four existing slots, just above the business card window. The fourth credit card slip pocket probably wouldn't allow quite enough clearance for the discs. They'd be a little too close to the zipper.

If I get my act together perhaps I can try and post some pictures.

I'll write that down in my new planner, somewhere beneath a reminder to clear off my dining room, aka the world's largest "In Box". I need to reclaim that space before I attempt anything as ambitious as taking a series of kit photos.


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