dot-grid journal/notebook?

Hi, all,

I've been a long time fan of the site and check it often for interesting threads.

Recently I have become frustrated with the notebook market. I'm looking for a dot-grid notebook to use as a work journal/capture tool. I've been using gridded notebooks, but find the lines too dark. (I like and use squared Moleskines for personal use, but I'd rather not have to spend that kind of money on a notebook for work.)

Do you know where I can buy a wirebound or perfect bound notebook that doesn't have perforated edges? Ideas for making one would also most welcome!

Thanks a bunch for reading!

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DIY Templates

I haven't really come across any dots noteboks that you can buy though there may be several. However you should look at the templates. The Original diy planner templates have dots in the notes ones if you just want to print them off. You could put them in a loose leaf folder or circa them into a notebook. There has even been threads here for making your own pad by glueing the sheets of paper together. I've never tried that bt it sounds as if it works.

Also there are Ygor's Dynamic templates where you can set up dots note pages just the way you want them, size of grid, paper etc

Have a peek :-)

if i remember correctly, i

if i remember correctly, i have seen them at muji before. u know, the japanese store. which size are you looking for? i remember seeing in pocket size. not sure abt larger sizes tho...

Two sources for dot-grid paper

I, too, am a fan of the dots!

Behance makes a beautiful dot-gridded notebook:

Or, if you're using Circa like me, you can print your own dot grid paper or any other varient of grid at:

Oh good grief

drpher, my reply to you was flagged as potential spam, so I'll try again:

I too am a fan of the dots!

You can find a dot gridded notebook at Behance (

Or, if you use a Circa system like me, you can print dot-gridded graph paper (and every other varient) at

Hope this helps.

other than circa

or, you could print your own dot grid pages from this site of the incompetech site and then have them bound any way you prefer at kinkos or office depot or office max, etc. no need to purchase the circa system if you do not already have it.

Dynamic Templates has Dots !

Dots correct !
Spot on !
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Moar Dots, Moar Dots!

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templates are awesome!

Dear ygor and all,

Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions!

I will take a closer look at the templates. I think that printing them two to a page would suit my needs quite well and I'm very excited to try this. I plan to cut them in half and have it wiro-bound at the top (like a steno notebook) at a printing store.

(Is there a way to use the Cornell system with dots instead of blank space? Just wondering!)

Thanks for coming through for me!
Have a terrific day,