Office Depot sale? can anyone confirm?

omgosh so.. well... deary me... wowzah... oh my ... just look here:

so... anyone been to an office depot recently? anyone know if this is only select locations...

i think i'll detour to the next city to office depot tomorrow... just in case... :D

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Looks to me... a lot of low quality ball-points. Ecch

Go for it if you like. Let us know.
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I think it's clearance product time

We went to our local OD last weekend and they had a good bunch of clearance. However, it was mostly their house brand or the Foray brand.

clearance but not 50 cents :(

i went shopping today and got some art stuff but no new pens :( whatta bummer... i already have a gazillion though :D

they had some g2's but they were $8 a box... no "can't pass this up" items... oh well. :)

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Swung by one today...

There's one across the street from my office. A number of things that were 25% off, but no fountain pens and nothing that really said GET ME NOW! Maybe I'll check back over the weekend.