multi-pen recommendations

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good cheap multi-pen? Ideally I'd want one with two ink colors, a mechanical pencil, and a highlighter. Is there such a thing?

I'd be tempted to buy the Lamy CP1 Tri-Pen. It is a pen, pencil, and orange highlighter. The Lamy fountain pens I have are great. I'd really like a 2nd ink color & something less expensive. This would be a pen that I can keep in my planner.

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How about a Bic 3?

I retail a Bic pen called "Bic 3". Comes as a medium blue/red/.05 mech pencil - no hi-lighter. Select via a twist action.

I use one and when the original Bic refills ran out I replaced them with black and red Fine Pilot refills which fit like original so if you want different colours it can be done.

Barrel size is similar to Lamy Safari FP. It has a rubber grip and eraser. About 4 different barrel colours. I retail them at $AU6.55 so I would expect under $US5.00

Downside is that it seems the pencil leads break in the pencil a lot more often compared to my Lamy Safari Mech pencil. The selection mechanics are plastic so they also wear over time.

Overall though I am happy with it.

Bob H.

I have a variation of the

I have a variation (same one pictured in this review) of the Bic 3 which has a blue ballpoint, a mechanical pencil and a stylus. I love it, especially the contrast between the green barrel and the bright orange stylus.

BobH - it could be the quality of the mechanical lead.

Hello Chet, Don't think so,

Hello Chet, Don't think so, leads from the same source are used in either pencil.

My guess is that during the twisting to change between pens and pencil the various components twist a bit, catch on each other etc which is fine for the pen parts but as the pencil is a bit more rigid, something has to give. Maybe I need to be more careful too. Anyway, it is not a serious problem.

The e.3 you have is the same basic pen but with the stylus instead of the red pen. I have sold a few to couriers who use PDA type devices for signing for receipt. Surprisingly it is not that popular when you consider the number of touchscreen products around. Pity really for as you know, it works.

Hung gar fat choy.

Bob H.