Circa coming to Borders (Washington St. in Boston, MA)??

As part of what seemed to be a neverending quest for the perfect ziparound for my new 2 ring binder, I took a trip to Borders in Boston.

They have an in store Paperchase Boutique. The very helpful representative told me that they will be stocking Circa products, possibly as early as this Monday. I mentioned that I thought they were owned by or otherwise exclusive to Levenger. He couldn't shed any light on that, and he couldn't comment on pricing except to say that the stock he is getting was previously discounted at a store that is closing but it will be priced in Boston at whatever their regular retail is.

Interestingly, the Braintree, MA Borders (but not Boston) carries Ciak (Moleskine type) notebooks in a variety of colors. They are re-branded as PaperChase or Papyrus (can't remember which) but they did have the Ciak name on them.

I don't know if these are made to the same standards and specs as Ciak itself, but I have seen some pretty favorable reviews of Ciak notebooks.

According to the PaperChase rep at the Boston Borders store, the merchandise can vary from store to store. It might be that someone in Braintree requested the Ciak so they stock it now.

When I say that this guy was helpful that means he answered everyone one of my oddball questions while actually seeming mildly interested in whether a Filofax cover would work for a lowly Oxford 2 ring index card binder. And he remembered me when I went back. And he told me that he put one of my questions aboout a ziparound Filofax in his weekly email.

In any case, it may be worth checking out a Borders near you.

Oh, both the Boston, MA and Braintree, MA stores carry Moleskine.


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The Circa stuff is in but ...

based on the phone call I had with Ian from Paper Chase (at the Boston Borders) it sounds like all they have are the small, medium and large journals. I didn't press him for details since I was hoping they would have the discs.

Apparently they did have them but sent them back to London (?!?!). He says they crunched the numbers and didn't think they could price them to sell, or price them to make a profit, or something to to that effect.

I may drop in to see what kind of "journals" they have. Leather? Cloth? Poly-whatchamacallit?
In my disappointment I didn't think to ask.

Back to London???

We had circa discs in the UK and they sent them to the states? What's wrong with them? The pound to dollar rate has made us exporters of everything, even things we dont have for sale here....

Imagine if they were planning on selling them in Paperchase in the UK? That would be cool. Like I have trouble spending time in Borders as it is...

More disappointment

I just learned that these Circa materials came from a U.S. store that recently closed. The items were sent to the Boston Borders Paper Chase and then sent to London. So, if I understand correctly, you should be able to get Circa at a brick and mortar store in the UK.

I did shlep over to Borders at lunch and it turns out that they don't have anything with any Circa rings, just some hardbound leather journals. Apparently they didn't think it was worth Ian's time to unpack them and put them on display. :(

I did mention this site and that I had posted here and suggested that he have the powers that be check out how popular Circa is but I don't know if that is likely to change their cost benefit analysis.

And given the underwhelming response here, I now realize they may actually be correct.

We may not be representative;-)

I'm not a circa nut I must admit. I have a portable rollabind punch and discs and I quite like making journals and organising work stuff. It seems to me though that for the system to truly be successfull the punches would need to be both more available and much cheaper. People use ring binders and hole punches cos their cheap. Here you can buy Atoma disc bound notebooks and paper fairly easily and WHSmith do a small range but no punch, no real use. The disc bound notebooks remain on WHSmith shelves without it would seem one ever being sold so maybe Paperchase are still in business for a reason right enough.

From what you say unlikely that Paperchase are stocking these anywhere more widespread than some individual shop.

Well done for investigating though.

Apparently they did have

Apparently they did have them but sent them back to London (?!?!).

They have Circa disks in London!!! Please someone tell me where?

Circa in London and my friend Google let me down

I tried Googling and "Dogpiling" with no luck. I suggest going to the Paperchase web site and see if you can find a phone number to call and ask someone. Or perhaps contact them via email.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ian at the Boston Borders has some of the details wrong. Perhaps it isn't a London store but rather another city.


Circa in London

I doubt if you will find any information on liquidated stock on the internet. Usually because it is a one time purchase, retailers don't usually make that stuff available through the web. I agree with Cath that you should try calling the company directly.
paperchasedotukdotco (linkify please)

"Okay, I need to get in the habit of actually using my planner, but it looks really cool!"

Papershase in London

Thanks for the reminder about Paperchase. They have various shops and outlets here in the UK. The biggest being in central London on Tottenham Court Road (used to be two minutes walk from my office). They also have outlets in other shops; for example there's one in a Borders store in N W London.

Not being a mod I'll linkify the link here paperchasedotukdotco though in the link I've made some necessary adjustments. ;-)