Will someone please give me the cure???

I just counted my notebooks, planners, etc and the news is frightening!!!! Does someone have a cure?
I have 17 Classic size 3ring and 7 ring binders. I have 5 Franklin Covey Compact size. I have 4 pocket size and 3 pocket dayrunners. All ring binders!! I have one Classic Franklin Covey binder made from the softest nappa leather and I have never even used it!!!! This is getting...strange! I may have to seek therapy. :)

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Your Problem Is Clear

You have limited yourself to ring binders. You need to diversify and expand your horizons with disc binder systems. Before settling on Rolla/Circa or Myndology, you'll have to try both. I suggest both the Circa letter and junior sizes, using their new color plastic covers and the Myndology Basic notebook, which has beautiful cream-colored paper and is environmentally friendly.
BTW: How many fountain pens do you have?

Ygor introduced me to...

my first fountain pen. It is Petit 1 by Pilot. I got the brown ink color. I do love it! It is so smooth. I would like it to be a bit finer. So what you are saying is, expand my addition and fully embrace it? :)

Yes, Embrace It!

As addictions go, this is one of the better ones. You do have to more fully involve yourself with the co-dependent addiction of fountain pens, however. My own recommendation is to get a fine Pelikan of some sort. And, in order to fully complement your addiction palate, get a larger number of the Pilot Petit 1s in different colors. Just think of ink as the life-blood of the pen and binder addictions. And paper, have I mentioned paper yet?
Debbie, really getting off on the Staples sugar cane paper these days.

Sugar Paper

I love that Staple's sugar cane paper as well. I can't believe how well it works with so many pens. It feels nice and looks nice as well. The brown lines are nice as well, I just wish they had grid.

I wonder whether Staples

I wonder whether Staples knows that it has groupies!


Fully embracing your addiction is about the only advice you will get on this site. We all love our stuff too much to even imagine any other life.

Take a close look at the binder rings

They are held on with allen screws. They can be removed. You can then use the covers for disc-bound notebooks
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Thanks, after looking up...

what an Allen screw is, I realize I have several sizes of the "getter-outer" right-angle tool. Thanks.

They call those..


The 'getter-outer' thing, they call those "allen wrenches". You often get just one in the box with a piece of furniture you put together yourself, but it's much nicer to have a set and throw the singletons in the recycle bin.

DH bought a new portable table saw today, and I was out there appreciating all the thoughtful features it had. I'm not just a compu-geek and a planner-geek, I'm a home-improvement-geek too.

I'm such a geek. :)


It is amazing how much I do not know! I got them out! The first one was the hardest and the second just slid out! Now I have to order supplies! :) It held one inch rings, so would that be a large, x-large or jumbo in Circa language? Thanks again!

All sizes

Better just order some rings in all sizes and colors. You will need them and it will save time to get them all up front.

Good advice...

Just buy it all... um, er, I mean, just but a bit of every size you think you will need--at least 2-book's worth, I would think. That should cover you. :-)


Ring sizes vs disc-size & Levenger Project binder

Theoretically, a binder that held a 1" ring mechanism, should hold a 1" disc system as well. That would be a "Large" disc, but try to find actual inch measurements for the discs you're ordering just to be on the safe side. "Jumbo" is usually 1.5"

There are other considerations, however. The "smurf" holes for the discs are closer to the edge than ring holes are, so your papers will stick out slightly farther than ring-punched pages will. That affects whether a zipper binder will zip and whether regular tab dividers converted to disc binding will stick out far enough to be outside the edge of an "open" style notebook (one without zipper or closing tab). Not to mention affecting a zipper closure.

One problem I've had is attaching a backing that will slide into my binder that keeps the whole system from sliding around and/or falling out of the binder. A 1" system with Levenger translucent covers worked well from that aspect, but didn't hold enough pages. Switching to a 1.5" disc held all the pages, but now the translucent cover pops off the discs fairly often. The pages stay just fine, it's just the covers, which makes me think the 1.5" discs create a different torgue on the cover from the 1" discs.

I notice that Levenger is now offering a disc-bound Project binder that has slots cut in the plastic spine to stabilize the rings. I think they got the idea from a DIYplanner I saw here, that used the plastic fasteners as rings and had a similar backing. of course, you can't fold the cover back, but for those of us using dayplanner covers, we can't do that anyway. I'm thinking of trying one of the Levenger Project binders for my notebook. Has anyone experimented with those yet? Or found some other way to keep covers from popping off?

Binder rings, non-Allen?

You're posting about ring mechanisms being held on with Allen Screws (aka Hex screws), is the first good solid answer to a question I've been asking a long time! Thanks! :-)

Unfortunately, when I looked at my ring binders, all of them look more like the tap-in grommetty thingees one would use on denim, than they do screws. In more precise terms, the outside head of the attaching device is perfectly smooth, and the inside has a solid flat piece coming through, (so no screw slots on the outside head and nothing to insert an Allen wrench into on the inside). It looks more like a rivet-and-grommet than a screw. The "post" part is a very tight fit with it's receiving "grommet" or "socket" and we were unable to find anything thin enough to wedge beneath the flange of the socket to pry it loose and try to slip it out.

In case it helps anyone, from Vulcan, a custom binder manufacturer (http://www.vulcan-online.com/support/product-development/rin...), comes the following info:
"General Information: Round 3-ring metals can be mounted in the binders with the rivets showing through, showing the spine or back cover, or mounted with concealed rivets. " So if anyone knows how to remove rivets, that might help those of us who don't have the Allen-screw mechanisms.

I own one Letter-sized binder that looks like it's a give-away from some conference, and that blessed binder DOES have the ring mechanism attached with heavy-duty Velcro, something I discovered quite by accident after owning it a few years. Unfortunately I rarely use a letter-sized dayplanner. Sure would be nice if binder manufacturers, in the interest of more sales, and the Re-use ideals, would attach their ring mechanisms with Velcro (or it's equivalent), or even use real heavy-duty snap mechanisms similar to those for heavy-weight fabrics. The latter might even work in the existing ring mechanism attachment holes and not require much retooling.

I've sent an inquiry to Vulcan, asking if they are willing to share how to remove the ring mechanisms. I'll let you know what I find out.

Rivets are easy to remove

Drill them out
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

non-allen removal

What I did, (in my ignorance) was take a slot-head screwdriver and a needle nose plier and try to pry up the groumet-looking thing. I just worked with it and eventually the groumet lip began to come up and I could use the needle-nose plier to squeeze the lip narrower than the hole it came through. I then used a very small phillips head and a hammer to pound down on it and it came right out. Now there is nothing to prevent you from installing an allen fix. I did another one to replace an odd size ring placement on a cover I really loved and replaced the rings with a Walmart ring setup from a classic size notebook that I bought there long, long ago. Your idea of using velcro sounds good. I don't know if this is the best way, but it has worked for me for the last two notebooks.

That's another way

I bought some FC storage binders (I use them for DVD's) and some had defective rivets. I had to remove them and re-rivet them.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Den of day planner iniquity...

Yes Mother, I've fallen in with the wrong crowd. ;)

This is the opposite of a support group. It's like a gang, a well-organized, on time gang with excellent accessories!

I'm going to Staples tomorrow to ease into the disc thing with a $6 purchase of a simple notebook to try. I'll probably give in and get some of their Eco paper as well for work (I've resisted for weeks). I like the brown lines as well.

Yes, you're a junkie and

Yes, you're a junkie and we're a band of enablers. I've spent the weekend with my new bagasse pad from Staples, and my case load is better organized than it's ever been.

My name is...

I'm almost afraid to ask you what a bagasse pad is, I might be forced to go back to Staples again.

Meh, my cheap Staples rolla notebook is not exactly the same size page as all of my other classic sized stuff, but I have 70 pages to experiment with before I give up on it or upgrade to a Levenger cover.

Not to Worry

It's what sugar cane residue paper is called. And it's really nice! I'm still having a hard time believing such nice paper is so cheap. It isn't heavy, but it's so FP friendly! To contrast, fountain pen ink on Levenger's 60-lb paper feathers.

I see

so is that one of their eco products? I bought the college ruled filler paper to try out on Sunday, but I haven't opened it just yet.

I'm not into fountain pens at all. Will I be thrown off the forum if I admit my purse carries one of each color of the Papermate Profile pens (there are 8) and that my pen cup at work is plain old Papermate stick pens (again in each color possible) with dorky triangle grips on them? I have some odd hand fatigue problem and that's the only thing that seems to work. I'd probably spill ink all over myself anyway. :)

we'll keep you!

i was using my papermate expression pens in maroon, green, burnt orange and purple yesterday (publication deadline day of evil!) and i can tell you that there is nothing wrong with using pens that fit your mood or your needs :) I have quite a collection of grips and even BIGfatCHUBBY pens for days when my tendinitis is acting up.

you can count on us to support what currently works and every once in awhile nudging you in the direction of something else that might catch your fancy :)

if you ever run into the pilot varsity fountain pens... you might want to splurge on one just to try it out. i love how effortless it is to write with them... you may like that even with your hand fatigue :)

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It's one of their eco-paper products. I'm looking for an excuse to get a composition book, but there's absolutely nothing at this point that I could use it for, except to finger the paper, and let me tell you, you get some strange looks in a courtroom for that sort of behavior.
I think you could be thrown off of the fountain pen network site for not swearing neverending allegiance to fountain pens, but not here. You could probably get away with using nothing but pencils, as long as you swoon over paper.

About pencils

You could probably get away with using nothing but pencils, as long as you swoon over paper.

Errr... I'm doing just that! Well, printing the forms, of course, but I only use pencil to write on my planner. Considering the use of pen for some info sheets, but that's about it.

(Of course I DO have pens for other uses, just not for my planner. I'm not familiar with the terminology in english, probably you wouldn't call them fountain pens - my best ones are not even refillable, but definitely not ball-point either. In IB ball-points were not allowed in the final exams, so our teacher showed us some relatively cheap pens good enough. I've been using them since then.)

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Oh, this stupid site

And here I just praised it in my last post for bringing my pen and paper fetishism out of the closet... so to speak. Staples is on my way to work after dropping off the kiddies at school, AND they open at 8:00am, which is just perfect, so I stopped in and hunted down this mysterious sugar-paper.

Oh mercy.

They don't have many products at my store -- it looks like a legal pad, some three-hole-punch paper, and a couple of composition books. I picked up one of the comp. books, and am delighted. The paper is wonderfully thin and smooth, and the signature is actually sewn into the cover, and not just cheaply glued. The only issue I can find with it is that the cover is slightly curved "away" from the front page, if that makes any sense. Like it might have gotten damp, except there's no damage. Something that might be fixable by being pressed between a couple of my typewriter cases, for example.

The real problem is that I really need another blank notebook like I need a hole in the head, what with the half-dozen clearenced Black n' Red A4 spirals I have hoarded under the desk, or the two leather-covered journals, or the leatherette gridded Paperchase book, or the slim hardbacked Canson sketchbooks. And let's not even get started on the PILES of 3x5 cards I seem to have accumulated.

Stupid, stupid, stupid site. Grr.

You sound like a very neat

You sound like a very neat person.
Sugar paper rules!

It's the rest of the world

Why do you believe you need a cure. The problem is not with you but rather with the rest of the world who do not understand how ill they are; they are the one's who need curing of their aberrant behaviour.

You may have to seek terapy over other issues but not this one.


its posts like this that really make me feel at home...

I have so many pens, I start to wonder when enough is enough... but then I come here and re-realize that different days and different projects require different "weapons" :o)

my binder collection is lacking... my notebook and paper collection on the other hand could trigger an intervention at some point :o)

I say if it makes you happy and is not harmful... then embrace it and run!

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I can't help

I can't help as I have over 100 blank notebooks thanks to a Waldenbooks going-out-of-business sale - Rhodia, Moleskine-look-alikes, paper covered, plastic covered, cloth bound, wood bound, leather bound, large, medium, small, travel journals, all paper formats, etc. It's probably a good thing they didn't carry fountain pens too. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year :-)

can we self-nominate

to be included on your Christmas list? :)


i love the way you think! :D

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I have to do something

along those lines because my Christmas list only has four people on it. I donated some (including one of the nicer wood covered journals) as prizes for a volunteer reception coming up at my work place (a natural history museum). I'm going to have to do something similar with tote bags because I got about 20 of those at $1 each the last day the store was open. And while I have a mighty tote bag issue, the stash exceeds even my foreseeable needs.

Not sure if it's a cure but...

Zipptex: I just counted my notebooks, planners, etc and the news is frightening!!!! Does someone have a cure?

I was like yourself which is one of the reasons I came to DIY Planner (before it became Levenger addicts central).

What worked for me were 2 basic rules -
1. stationery shops and websites that sell pretty planners are treated like Art Galleries. Look but don't touch.
2. I allow myself $30 A YEAR to spend on planning goodies, including pens, paper, stationery, diaries, printer ink, binders, etc. Once that money is gone that's it. Nothing more until January next year.

It's worked the last few years.

Go with it....there are harmful vices

My husband, after 18 years of marriage, is JUST NOW getting the fact that organizing stuff/bags/pens is a vice that cannot be cured in me and that it is cheaper than a psychiatrist and more socially acceptable than many other vices. Go with it. Enjoy your life!

"To fly, we must have resistance."