Tabbed Planner Dividers

This template came about because I needed some dividers for my planner that I'm setting up (yay!) and I'm not a big fan of the plastic stick-on tabs... not sure why, they just rub me the wrong way. SO, I decided to try to make myself some out of cardstock, and after much trial and error I thought, what the heck, maybe someone else can also benefit from all the work I put into this. I hope atleast someone, like me, is in need of tabbed dividers for a classic size planner, and that my templates can be some help!

The Open Office file is probably best because you can actually type in your own tab labels, but if you don't have OO, the pdf file will give you the basic print-and-cut outlines to get ya going.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Tabbed Dividers Preview.jpg
Usage advice: 

Instructions: Print on two separate sheets of thick paper (card stock). Cut along the solid lines, arrange, and hole punch to fit your classic size planner (5.5” x 8.5”).

(Note: the tabs will stick out 3/8” from the other pages in your planner, but the rest of the right edge will be slightly shorter than the other pages. This is normal. It has to be that way to be able to fit 2 tabs on one 8x11” page.)

Caution: I had to change my printer settings to “Borderless” to get these to fit right on the page. I advise running a test page with scratch paper before you try it on your nice cardstock!

Enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or concerns.

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Applications required: 
Open Office Draw or some kind of PDF viewer
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Tab Dividers Classic.odg10.34 KB
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Thanks. I found this really

Thanks. I found this really helpful! I plan on using these with my 2-page monthly planning calendars.

Thank You

Thank you so much for doing this. I really needed these!

Tabbed Dividers

I bought some decorated file folders at my local Office Max and hand cut them to be tabbed dividers. The file folders were beautiful with geometric black and white patterns which fit in beautifully with my planner. I can't wait to use these dividers you have created to make dividers for my planner. I will cut the file folders down to the right size to use in the printer and then use your design! Thank you!

PDFs and labels without OO

Thanks for the dividers!

Re adding labels without OO...

If you only have Word or something similar and want to put labels onto a PDF
Open the PDF.
Choose Edit > Copy file to clipboard.

Open Word, Powerpoint or some similar application.
Using "paste special" paste the PDF as a Bitmap.

Then all you have to do is adjust the page margins/image size to match the size you want to print, and use text boxes etc to add in labels.

It's not perfect but it works OK for me.

How could I miss that fabulous D.I.Y?

I am all about dividers with labels to organize notepad pages into something else.
Day Calendar, Notes on the go, to do, projects outlines ...

I already have hem... some dividers, but DIYing is much more fun because that way I can color code with my very own system.

More PDF hints

You're welcome.

If you like colour coding, you can change the colour of a whole PDF using the Adobe Reader settings. So it makes all the text a colour other than black.

The info is here

Do you know if it could work with construction paper?

Or do you know of any brand of card stock with bright dark colors?

ODG not working

I tried to download the Open Office version and for some reason, kept getting a winzip file instead. Is it located within the zipped file?

ODG files are zipped

rename it from to file.odg and it should work
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