Rollabind on sale at Franklin-Covey

For those who can't get enough, the online Franklin-Covey store is having a sale on Rollabind products, including their imitation leather foldover notebook (Classic size only $15), pagefinder, refills, etc.

The foldover notebook is listed as limited quantity. I ordered one, plus some accessories. Good luck!


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disc size?

Does anybody know what size their discs are? If it is listed on their pages, I missed it.


They are the Rolla Large = Circa medium size

I have the Covey Binder, with lined pages, was not interested in the weekly version.
I am not sure yet how much I like it, as the thickness of the leather makes for less space for pages, my traditional non-Rolla binder is much thinner yet very firm and seemingly of higher quality than the Covey (that one is real leather, I think Covey is just imitation).
And I absolutely detest the back pockets for a pen, cards and stuff, it makes it impossible for the back pages to be completely flat and firm if there are a only a few pages in between - the whole purpose why I bought this thing. I would exchange the back panel for another front panel in a heart bit, anyone need an extra back panel for extra pockets on your covey? I want no pockets at all.
Anyway, it would be nice if the company allowed users to have this locally somehow. I am not courageous enough to take a knife to mine, at least not yet, I do want it to look nice after all.

I created a contraption with a Walmart small clear clipboard, thick plastic sheets for covers, and my Rolla punch, that is not as bulky as the Covey, nicer in some ways, but it is not as convenient because of having to clip and unclip.

I have the notebook too

I'm in the UK so rolla/circa not that easy to come by. I have the punch and discs but wanted a fancy cover. As you say FC's is faux leather which is of course a selling point to some. You're right about the pockets at the back. I thought the pen loop was maybe a problem because I put a Lamy Safari in it but would be okay with a thinner pen.
What I would say about the pockets at the back is what self respecting stationery junkie would ever leave themselves with just a few pages left in their rolla notebook? ;-)

They look like about 3/4" OD

I'm trying to recall from memory. The notebook is at home and I'm at work.

My initial impression of the FC Rollabind version of the Levenger Circa foldover notebook is that the overall quality is not as high as the Levenger, but of course, the price is far less. The Rollabind rings are not as nicely finished as the Circa rings and the pages don't turn as smoothly as a result. The lined paper inside the notebook has a very narrow ruling, even narrower than typical college ruling. Sorry, can't measure them and didn't have enough time to test the paper with various pens. I would probably make my own note pages anyway.

The covers are OK, given they're imitation leather, but they are slightly warped on the edges. Not as flat as the Levenger covers. The underlying plastic of the Levenger cover seems thicker or stiffer than the FC. I also bought some FC Rollabind pagefinders. The Levenger ones are nicer.

They seem to be clearancing out this line on the FC webstore. I wonder if it's not proving successful for FC? The overall quality of this product line is not as good, IMHO, as the rest of their ring binder products. Perhaps that's a reason. Dunno.

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