Levenger customer service?

Hey all,

Has anyone had any luck getting a response from Levenger customer service? I have sent them a couple of emails about my bookcloth binder(falling apart and less than 7 months old) and I have yet to get an answer. Not even an auto response! I guess I am just really disappointed by the quality of the binder, heck my cheapo Staples vinyl binder has held up better and was only 7 bucks.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get a hold of Levenger?



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I got a quick response...

I had ordered some circa disks that didn't really work well - they were the silver plastic ones. The paper doesn't turn smoothly on them like it does on the black or white disks. Anyway, I grabbed the order acknowledgment email for that particular order and sent a reply to it (since it had the order info in it) asking if I could exchange the silver disks for black ones. I got a response the next business day. They sent me replacement disks, which arrived a couple days later, and I did not have to send the silver disks back. I was very satisfied with the resolution of that issue.

Spam filter?

I had a very quick response to a broken pen. (Even though I'd had it for over a year they replaced it.) Could your spam filter be catching the email? I'd guess the easiest way would be to call.

Keep us updated. My bookcloth cover got quite frayed at the corners.

I have only needed Customer Service twice

Both times I called, rather than e-mailing. Once, was a monthly tabs set for Circa that arrived without December. The Customer Service rep was very polite and had a replacement sent out immediately.

The second time was for a broken pen. Levenger no longer carried that brand, so I could not get parts or service from them, but the Customer Service rep tracked down the name and phone number of every authorized service center for that brand. None were in my area, so I called the one she recommended. I honestly don't remember who that was, but I do remember that they fixed my pen for only the cost of shipping it to them. They repaired it, and sent it back and did not charge me at all!

Other than that, I haven't dealt with Levenger Customer Service.


definitely give them a call :) every person I have spoken with has been VERY helpful and kind... :o)

((i also wonder if somehow emails are getting eaten by a filter somewhere...))

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When dealing with customer service departments, my working hypothesis is always that a phone call or (whoa!) a real, old-fashioned written letter will trump an email everytime.

That said, I have received prompt responses twice from Levenger service -- a phone call on one issue and an email on another...


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In limbo as well

I wrote two weeeks ago about two zipper pulls on my Majorca briefcase coming off (one lost) and I got an initial response and then nothing.

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I just took the advice here and called and a nice lady helped me. I bought the Majorca bag on eBay from the Levenger Outlet and so Levenger will not help me presumably because the price was reduced. Maybe because of faulty zipper pulls??? Beware.

"To fly, we must have resistance."


I just looked at a Circa product on ebay, and there are some seriously conflicting statements. One says that you're buying directly from Levenger so buy with confidence. Then, under their return policy, they say that the don't accept returns, but then say that "In the event of undisclosed damage or malfunction, we will offer an exchange or refund if necessary." I'd say that your bad zippers come under the umbrella of a malfunction. Why don't you call Levenger again and ask for some sort of an adjustment based on this language?
I just looked at another Levenger Outlet item on ebay and the return policy language was slightly different.
Just a thought.

My Experience has been Positive

I got one of the punches that didn't punch quite right, even after they said that the punches had been fixed. I called, and they sent me a new one even before I returned the old one. I've never had such great customer service, quite frankly. I wish that their paper was more FP friendly, but other than that their Circa products and their customer service are phenomenal! As others have said, call them.

How to get a hold of Levenger...

By the throat ?
By the "tender parts" ?
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another vote for calling instead of email

I've only had the best of luck when working with Levenger's customer service. I had a similar experience to fuschiahedgehog: silver discs from Levenger are awful and pages don't turn well on them when you have the bigger discs.

I never even considered emailing them. I guess I just figured they had an 800 number for their customer service for a reason ;-) I called them up and got things straightened out in a few minutes. Little or no hold time & very helpful staff.

Now if they would just make their shipping faster & less expensive and put TWO PEN LOOPS in their planners they'd be pretty much perfect in my eyes.


same problem

I have many bookcloth circa notebooks and they all are falling apart. Even with minimal usage the corners fray and the cloth buckles in spots. I noticed usually after a few weeks of use they start deteriorating. I have not been happy with the customer service either, they took over 5 months to credit me money they were supposed to put back on my charge card. I got the run around for that 5 months....one would say it was creited and there must be a problem with my credit card, anoter said thatit was submitted 4 times, finally I got really ma and said it needed to be done right away. They gave me the credit but not on my card, I had to buy something to get it! Maybe they too are feeling the effects of the economy.

Levenger on Twitter

They have a Twitter account that they use, if you get no response any other way, you might get some response that way. The user name there is just 'Levenger' and I have communicated with that person a few times, they are very pleasant and helpful.

Thanks for the suggestions

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will give them a call I think in the next day or two. When I have an update I will stop back with an update.


Agreed that calling is more

Agreed that calling is more effective with Levenger. However their phone support can vary greatly; one day great, the next horrible. Not consistent. Poor training program perhaps?