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Hello all,

I have been a PocketMod partisan for a couple of years... but, folding paper is wearing on me. Is there a PocketMod-type to-do list, bound in a small Moleskin Volant mini size. I have been looking, so I thought that I would ask.

Great website! Thank you,


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What a good idea

I haven't seen exactly that but if you go to the Bazaar part of the forum there is a regular post about alife design products sold by paperpuppy.

Alife have a small to do list that looks as if you can take each list and pop it in a small bookmark type cover. They look pretty small and they're only 5 bucks.

Everyone else will say print your own off and bind with a ring or circa but if you cant be bothered folding paper I assume you cant be bothered doing all that ;-)


Paper Puppy

Yo... the Mini Navi on the Paper Puppy website is just about perfect. Thank you.

...and you are right. Folding is a pain. It never comes out very square anyway.

: )

print shop?

You could probably get pages printed and bound by a print shop.

I've also wondered if a planner could be printed and bound by a pod publisher, like Lulu.com (never used them, just know of them).

why not

just make your pages that you want and print them on index cards? You could use a rubber band or clip to keep them together.