A4 format for levenger

Have ordered a circa punch, and would like to have a zip jacket in letter size, but I've heard that it's a tight fit for A4 format (european iso standard ) paper. I would also like to hear experiences with the levenger junior zip and A5 format. (does it close)
Anyone have a picture or any experience on the matter?

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Ygor says

You can remove the ring binders from Frankiln Covey binders and slip a circa pad in there.

I have a Filofax A4 zipper padfolio (no rings) that you could simply slip a circa bound notebook in instead of a notepad and have plenty of room. The Filofax portfolio was from TK Maxx! Every now and then you can get too good to ignore bargains....


Good to know. You don't

Good to know. You don't have that option with Filofax.


Old Junior

The old Junior sized page was closer to A5 than it was to 1/2 Letter, so my bet is that it will be fine. I use A5 paper in my Levenger plastic covers, but I tend to cut about 5mm off the long edge too, to make them the same size as the old Junior pages I have. But you can mix them with no problems, if you don't mind the 5mm. ;-) I'm thinking you will be fine with A5.