Greeting from another newbie

I am coming in from the cold as a lurker. I have searched this site high and low for past 2 days. My eyes are crossed and I have a headache but I am well informed.

I have decided to print my own planner and order Circa rings. Well that's it so far.

I am a full time cubicle worker by day and budding jewelry designer by night.


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Hi Cali It seems a bit quiet

Hi Cali

It seems a bit quiet on this fora at the moment - not many people around greeting us newbies, so I guess we'll have to fend for ourselves :)

Best of luck with your planner!


Maybe the economy has us all scrambling at work and no time to write to the newbies! Welcome! You are in fine company here of people who will help you justify your addictions to pens and paper! Oh....and management!

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Me, too!


I totally relate to your post. I've been reading the site for a long time, but just joined. I love my new circa systems (3 notebooks so far). I drool over the nickel rings when I see them on the Levenger website, but can't decide if they are really worth the $$$. Any opinions, anyone?

The down-lo on the nickel

Welcome to the fray... and the addiction.

My mom and I are both obsessed with this site, and Levenger/Circa... she is still a lurker. But for my birthday she got me the nickel Levenger discs. I like them, they are like jewelry on my circas. The only complaint I have is I can't really show them off on my smaller notebooks. The edges are sharp! And because they are metal, I have accidentally cut myself getting my junior out of my bag! They work much better for a larger notebook, but it's one I don't transport very much because of the danger factor. Other than that they are pretty and Shiny, and very durable.

Greetings new newbies :o)

I still consider myself a old newbie - learning new stuff every day.

Everyone is great on this site, and tons of idea's, templates, tips and tricks.

Enjoy and welcome,


Work has been insanely busy these i have failed at my unofficial role as welcomer. I would like to offer a big ol' HELLO and WELCOME~! to all new members!

Hope you keep coming back. I know there are many of us here that love reading about other systems that work so feel free to share and update as your system evolves. :)

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hello and welcome to the DIYPlanner/Circa collective :-)

Welcome everyone! Glad to see there are still new people finding & joining this site. Activity on this site seems to come & go depending on how busy people are and if there is any really cool new stuff on being posted: Levenger Circa, calendar templates for the new year, and the new Dynamic Templates spring to mind as things that created a lot of discussion on the site.

As for me, the weather is getting nicer here and things are really ramping up at work, so I probably won't be on as often as I used to be.


Welcome aboard

Welcome! I think you'll really like it here. I'm also a Circa addict - rollabind has so many pretty colored disks... I also discovered my latest vice here - - so many pretty pens and pencils and inks, so little time (and money).


Yep - I just placed my first jetpens order

This site is too dangerous!

Have you tried the different colored rollabind discs? I just got some of the clear ones and they work as well as the levenger circa ones. The "metallic" ones are kinda crappy, though - the pages and covers do not turn smoothly on them at all. :( I am tempted to get the rollabind translucent multipack... but then again I've already spent way too much money on all this circa stuff already!

Gonna do it?

Hey all... this is quite intriguing to me so I'm giving it a go. After using some software to sort out my brain [doctoral student in theatre] I'm now willing to take drastic steps to making sense of my life on paper.

Do have a question... mainly about 2009 templates. I downloaded teh DIY Dynamic Templates program but can't exactly figure out how to do certain things. Are there additional items that can be downloaded for the program? Direct links to .pdf's I just can't find?

Thanks so much!

Talk to me !

What do you feel you are missing ?

You can contact me directly if you want. Just click on my user-name and then the "Contact" tab
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Control over the shades of gray would be nice

I tend to use the templates on this site as inspiration for creating my own templates in Excell and Word as needed, but in monochrome rather than shades of gray, because my eyes are not perfect, so I find monochrome more useful.

However, I have seen some members modifying some templates into color templates, those I find very exciting! If that could be done from the Dymanic Templates program, I would use the actual templates that program creates. I am refering of course to the horizontal and vertical gray bars, though full color control over any part of the template would be great.
At the very least, the option to change the specific shade of gray, or removing it completely or turning it black, would be helpful.

All we've done....

at least those of us who have done this with the DIYP templates, is use our printers' built-in capabilities to "colorize" the printout. Canon makes this simple, but others either don't offer it, or make it difficult. I simply find the "Special Effects" part of the print window, and choose blue, green or magenta, and print. What's cool about this option is that solid blacks stay solid blacks, but the greys are now blues or greens or magentas, depending on the option I chose. That's all most of us have done. To truly colorize, you really need to recreate the template on your own with OpenOffice or something...


Are you sure that is really all people here do?

How do you select a printer's special effects and then save the output to another printer (pdf)? If the color output is not saved to a file, the above does not make any sense to me.

Either way, neither my Epson nor my Lexmark seem to be able to do that, not sure if my former HP ever did.

I have tried opening templates in open office before, looks too hard to figure out, much easier in Word or Excel.

You do it while printing

If you are talking about items like tTHIS ONE, it must be done while printing, and it won't save to a pdf--I've tried. You just have to print the regular DIYP or dynamic templates, and it looks like your printers don't have the options to do special effects.

One other place to look, however, is in the color options. But each manufacturer is different. I'm partial to Canon printers myself, and won't touch Lexmark (printers super cheap, and ink super expensive, and small). I think some HP printers allow tinting, but the one I use doesn't. I am pretty sure that Epson also used to have it as an option....

As to OpenOffice, after using Word for years for everything, I find that OpenOffice's draw module is much easier to actually use and get things accomplished than Word ever was. Unfortunately, it is just different, so takes some getting used to--especially once you get used to Word's convoluted way of thinking. You keep looking for the hard way in OOo, but the solution turns out to be much simpler than you first though. ;-)

I would suggest that the next time you have to buy ink for your Lexmark, you instead take the money for the ink, and buy a cheap Canon printer. You will be much happier. ;-)


I am not sure where it was,

I am not sure where it was, but while what I am refering to resembles your link, it was a pdf file, not just a picture.

As far as printers, I have had good luck recently getting some good printers from Of course I still needed to buy the ink.

I use the Lexmark to print 3x5 cards only, my Epson will not do it.