Lost Form

I was printing a form that was named just Receipts. I had a black our and my printer printed it the wrong way on the paper. When I went back to re-print I could not find it. It looks like the Authorization for Disbursement form, without the Check informatio and Authorization Signature spaces. Please help, this form is perferc for my Petty Cash Receipts of which most of them are small gas tickets.

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From here?

Was it from here? Was it something a user submitted? or something official? I take it you were printing the pdf from the web browser without downloading?

Did you try using the site's search function to find it?

Lastly, I put up an envelope a while ago here, that was named "Receipts for the month of..." on the print out. This wasn't it, was it?


Lost Form

Receipts for the month was not the form. It looked like Authorization for Disbursement, only it did not have the instructions on the right, check information or authorization signatures on the bottom. The Receipts for the Month will work, but I don't need all the expense totals at the bottom.

Expenses or Receipts?

Are you sure it is titled REceipts? I haven't found anything yet, except for the expenses form in the Core package...
http://www.diyplanner.com/diyp_official/diyp3cl/diyp3_core_c... page 79.

i will keep looking though!

Lost Form

I do now know what the title of the form was I just know that it had Receipts on the top and it was a cut and fold that fit in the 8 1/2 x 5 binder that I generally use with the opening at the top.

Lost Form

I found the Recepts Envelope. To find it i went through the D*I*Y Planner Classic/A5 Add-Ons, then D*I*Y Planner 3.0 Classic/A5 Editions and finally Receipts Envelopes Classic. I worked on OpenOffice.org Spreadsheet and made one that I could use. I finished it about a week ago.

is this it?