What should I use an address book for?

...besides the obvious, I mean. I checked out the clearance rack at Borders this past weekend and found a Paperchase-branded address book, bound in a leatherish material with an elastic strap. Unlike most address books I've found, this just contains lined pages with A-Z index tabs down the side. Some tabs are combined letters (H/I, J/K, V/W, X/Y) but that's really the only indication that it's an address book. It could just as easily be a blank pocket dictionary, waiting for new words and definitions...

You're all pretty creative types: how do you suggest I fill up this book? I remember Doug's topics on having a Commonplace book though I'm not sure that I want to relegate this to life as a mere index-of-other-books (books that I don't have and am not inclined to create, I should add.)

What say you, DIY-ers?

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This is what I do...

I use one of those books (the moleskine one) as a Log Book for my personal life. Meaning, anything that I need to remember at some point, goes in the book under the appropriate letter. So, for example, Where is my Will located? Go under the letter W, and I make a notation that it is in the bank safety deposit box. Or, who does my lawnmower repairs? Go under L. Where do I keep the Air Conditioner filters? (since this is something that I only do once or a twice a year, I need to make a note). etc. When I think I will need to know something in the future or it is an item that I do not use a lot, I make a quick note so I don't have to remember. I guess you could call it my second memory...

that's a really good idea

What a good idea. I think I'm going to try that myself. I have a bunch of stuff like that with no good home. (who was that great plumbing company we used when the hotwater heater died, etc.)



glad you like the idea! Another think I added to my book this weekend is "who do I make the check payable to for...". My niece's birthday was this weekend and I wanted to give her college money, but I forgot what company her account is with. So, once I found out, I finally wrote it down! :)

Similarily but differently

You could keep the notebook as a place to store odd and ends but instead of just being about everything it could be about the people in your life.

So instead of recording friends, family and acquantances address details you could have a small profile of them ... not in a stalker way :)

Like a few of their favouite things, what food they hate and you should never give them, the gift you gave them for their last birthday, how they like their coffee, their taste in movies, anything they've said that they'd never want as a gift, their kids names (I'm always forgetting the names of my many cousins kids), etc

The kind of things that would be useful to remember if you're catching up with someone months after you last saw them

All great suggestions

Thanks everyone, this gives me lots of ideas. I think a book of random (but useful) facts is a good starting point. I'm always forgetting when my favorite places are open, web site addresses & etc. and this would be a good way to start cataloging them. And random things like "What was the name of the hotel we stayed at X years ago" could go in here as well, since that's the sort of thing that just falls out of my head after a while.

How about...

...using it as a travel notebook? I find it easy to forget the good restaurants, or the grocery store I like, or the best car rental office, etc. in places I visit infrequently. So, I sometimes keep a notebook (the moleskine city books do this, but the format never worked for me) with notes on where to get or do things, alphabetically by topic. Under 'C', I might have "Chinese Food", "Car Rental", and "Car Wash".