The Perpetual Strip

While browsing around a local thrift store, I found a pen cup with a perpetual calendar along its side. I realized that this would be a great low-budget calendar solution for my desk, so I don't need to constantly hunt around to figure out when a certain day falls in the current month.

Paper size: 
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Usage advice: 

Print out the attached document, and cut along the solid lines. Pass the strip of numbers through the slots in the frame so the numbered days line up under their correct position in the current month. Sunday-started and Monday-started weeks are included, and you can easily tweak the spreadsheet files to customize for size, language, font, and general attractiveness.

I printed out mine on bright card stock for durability, and so it won't get lost on my desk. I also reinforced the two slits in the frame with some tape before cutting through them with a sharp knife.

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Applications required: 
Open Office or MS Excel or any PDF reader
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This is great! It makes a great little gift to share! So many paper types and artful adaptations. Thanks.


This is so simple and useful. I've seen these things before, but never thought about doing this. This is going to be fun putting together! Thanks!


Credit where credit is due

The cup that I found didn't have any sort of frame to hide the days: I could imagine that it had some kind of Sunday-through-Saturday thing that rode along the top edge. I would never have recognized what it was if this site didn't foster my secret love of paper and planning. Also thanks to this site, I now carry a pen and stack of 3x5 cards with me, because you just never know when you'll need one to jot down something cool.



Cardstock, schmardstock! I think printing on a transparency would be cool. Then you could put it in a photo frame over a cool photo--one with a suitable background..

Personally I am thinking a watery beachscape, but I've seen lovely stock photos of desert and sunset and the like that would be nice backgrounds too.



or you could do both

What if the dates were on a transparency, and the slide frame was printed on a photo using proper photo paper?


Sure, you could do that too. Just print out a new frame whenever you want to change your photo.