Check out the Neat New Circa Toy!

I just hate surfing through the Levenger Circa Web pages. Every now and then, something wonderful and fun pops up - no warning. I just had to have a set of these. I'm really trying to be frugal in anticipation of bad economic times ahead, but sometimes you've just gotta splurge!
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Yeah, but.


I was all excited when I saw the colors too, but there is NO WAY I'm paying $2 per tab for junior size when I know perfectly well they're not even 1/10th that cost to make. Not even close.

*sigh* I like the new bookcloth covers--the two-tone blue ones especially--but after the durability comments seen here previously there's NO WAY I'm paying any $50 for a set of covers. Not Not Not.

I could wish, but no. They never do get cheap enough for this cheapskate--even on deep sale with discount codes.



But, I've been so good at resisting buying Circa stuff for so long that I had to reward myself for my strength of character by buying some.
:-^) And, when I think of what I pay for plastic pens (so what if the nib is gold), it doesn't seem so bad. Now, if I could just get the wonderful but thin sugar cane paper from Staples to hold in the discs. . . . I agree that the stuff is terribly overpriced, even though a lot of it is pretty.
I'm tempted by the new binders, also, especially because they don't seem to have any leather (ugh!) in them, but the durability issue bothers me, too. It's one thing to pay a lot for quality, for something that will last a long time, but to pay that sort of money only to have the corners wear in a short period of time is not for me, either. Levenger's apparently figured out that there is a market for leather-free items; perhaps they'll see all of the comments about quality and improve the materials used, also. And maybe they'll go back to making paper that's fountain-pen friendly.

I have a few of the bookcloth covers...

I've not had problems with them yet. I've only had them a couple of months, but I'm not kind to my notebooks. My compact-size notebook is always in my purse, rolling around with coins, pens, makeup, and whatever other trinkets I'm hoarding. My junior size notebook is in my backpack every day, and I use it every day at work out on the shop floor. Neither show signs of wear. I did spray them with Scotchguard before I began using them; I think it is helping to keep them from getting stained.

As for the dividers and pocket folders from levenger - I have a few sets of each, and they are quite nice. But I've also used regular old plastic dividers and folders from the office supply store, punched them with the circa punch, and they work wonderfully as well. The circa punch-outs peacefully co-exist with the 3-ring holes. And since they're much cheaper, I'm not as worried when I mangle them. A word of advice about using poly folders - trim the edge you're going to punch; the folded-and-bound edge won't fit in the circa punch, and the folders work fine with that 1/2" or so trimmed off anyway. The punched edge ends up not being sealed together, but when it's put on the circa rings it doesn't much matter. Plus it gives the folder some extra "give" if you tend to pack them full.

Now that's just rude.

I gave up Levenger for Lent.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Please

Please keep us informed on how the cloth binder holds up. I'm putting one on my next 30%-off-coupon list. Again, not something that I need, only something I want.

Thanks for the update

I took a month off from checking the site, after a massive investment in sale stuff. And, of course, regular price stuff. Discounts helped. Anyway, the month is almost up...