What's the difference in the binders?

Hello everyone,

I'm thinking about buying a planner (classic size) so I can use with all the neat forms and such here. I've been looking on ebay and you can get used planners fairly cheaply which is what I'm aiming for. My dilemma - which planner to get?

I like the idea of the 6-ring planners to hold the paper in tight, rather than 3-ring binders. I think Day-Runner, Day-Timer, Franklin and probably others have this 6-ring format.

What's the difference between them all? What would you recommend?

I thought I'd make my own calendars and such, and buy blank paper from the 'real' companies (I like the rounded corners of the paper in some planners), but the prices are too expensive. Oh well, I'll make my own paper.

Anyways, if you have any comments or suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you,

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Classic size from franklin, day-timer are 7-ring

Day-runner (an Acco/Mead subsidiary) has a few 3-ring classic binders, but theirs are mostly 7-ring as well.

7-ring better?

Is 7-ring better than 6-ring? I just can't see the difference (no experience) between all the multi-ring binders.

It depends on whether you're

It depends on whether you're manufacturing 7 rings or 6 rings. I'm convinced that the difference lies in forcing people to buy one product's extras or the other.

I've never seen a 6-ring classic size

I have seen 6-ring portable/compact size (3 3/4 x 6 3/4) but never the classic 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 size. And for the classic size, all papers punched for the 7-ring binders will fit into the 3-ring binders.

You are entirely correct.

You are entirely correct. That shows my ignorance. I thought the Franklin, Dayrunner, etc. were all 6-ringers, but it looks like their 7-ringers. I suppose I should have called them 3+ring binders. :)

Would 3-ring be better?

Would you suggest I start with 3-ring or jump to a 7-ring binder?

I would suggest....

.... just forgetting the intermediate steps, and just start mainlining--just go to Rolla/Circa--buy the punch and rings, and save yourself the time and money. ;-)

(and yes, the above is largely intended to be tongue-in-cheek---kind of like the advice on how to buy a camera tripod. You can either spend a grand, and buy the best you can find, or spend $1500 and buy bunches of cheap ones--your choice. ;-) Of course, if Rolla rings don't meet your needs, I would stick with 3 ring. Most 7 ring papers can fit a 3-ring binder.


And you can get corner rounder punches

Corner rounder punches will create nice rounded corners on your paper. They are inexepensive - I just picked one up at Wal-mart for about $2. Just stick the corner of the paper in, press down, and voila. A perfect rounded corner.

Alternatively, since we're already a couple months into 2009, some sites have deep discounts on remaining 2009 planner calendar stock.

Great - thank you. I didn't

Great - thank you. I didn't know this.