Pocket notebooks?

I noticed my partner tends to jot notes on business cards. This strikes me as a waste of business cards...so I thought, what he needs is one of those notebooks/notepads that are business card sized!

Any recommendations? It has to be durable (he's hard on stuff) but comfy to keep in a pocket, I'd prefer not leather (I'm vegetarian), an included pen would be nice...and it has to be self-containing, as I'm not going to spend my time paying out the nose and paying shipping to buy special little stickypad replacements--most likely I'd just recommend to him buying blank business cards to refill.

I once saw one somewhere that was much like a metal business card holder, only with a pen included (with holder built in). I really liked the concept. But I can't remember where...and if I remember correctly, the ones I saw, I immediately discounted because they had funky (and somewhat girly) designs on them and I knew he'd hate that. So I guess another requirement is, it has to be something plain he can pull out at the office without feeling like an idiot.

Does anyone know of anything like this? If anyone did, I figured it would be you guys...

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business card sized notepad

I think this is what you're looking for: Pocket notepad in an aluminium holder

I don’t know anything about the company, I just googled and it popped up.


Edit: You'll need to type "pocket notepad" in the search field on the website, as I can't get the link to go to the specific page on the site.

pocket notebook

i have seen these at my local Barnes & Noble too (in case you do not want to order online.)

I've seen them there as well...

they seem to get scratched and dented pretty easily, judging from the ones I saw on display.

I have two of the ones from Barnes & Noble....

I have one in my Harley Sportster that I use to track fuelings and consumption rates and another that I have frequently carried in my left front pocket. Both have some surface marks from use, but neither has any bright metal scratches showing through. I tend to carry my Levenger leather once more (use it as a wallet in addition to a capture device). The paper is larger than biz card size, and is not as thick. That may make a difference to your partner.

For a short time I was using biz card blanks (the micro-perf kind designed to go through a printer) and a simple card holder (my was leather, but I am certain there are vinyl versions in the world). The biz card blanks were nice in that they were available in some color choices. Ultimately I retreated to my prox 3x7 six ring binder -- too many cards to track and deal with....

Hope this helps.

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Not quite the same...

But I've been using an A7-sized Rhodia pad I picked up at Staples (Rhodia's Number 11, if you're searching online.) It fits in a shirt pocket, though it's a little bulky. Bigger than a business card, but nice paper. Mine's grid paper, and it takes all inks very well. Bright orange cover, too, so it's hard to lose in a briefcase or bag.

Levenger sells the cards...

But, their Slim Wallet Writer card holder (for biz size cards) is leather. They have a version with a pen.

On the other hand, they have the Circa Micro PDA which uses biz size cards punched for Circa binding. I've bought some of their Micro PDAs and made a few myself. By using smaller Rollabind rings, I've shrunk them down to a very unobstrusive size for a shirt pocket. That may be worth a look. :-)

Haven't seen any other products using the biz card size, yet.


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