Levenger spring collection - need more color choices!

I noticed the new spring collection on Levenger's website. The only new color seems to be a baby blue for various Circa and other leather goods. I'm not a fan of blue in general, and I really dislike baby blue. I was hoping for a wider selection of colors. Maybe there are more on the way? On the other hand, this will help to keep me from ordering new circa goodies... ;)

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More colors needed...agreed!

I too was rather surprised at the lack of new spring colors...although I have to admit that I stick to the darker colors just because they mask accidental pen marks better.

I might have had to rethink that strategy if Levenger had offered up a nice, creamsicle orange or khaki green.

I'd like to see more colors, too

And I'd like to see them hang around for a while longer!

A few years ago, I bought some Levenger leather items in a very nice blue. I'd say somewhere between royal and navy, but they just called it - blue. I got some little things... coin purse, swift notes... I decided I really liked it, and was ready to buy a leather Circa binder or two... but by then, blue was gone!

Just wait

the colors will cycle round again.
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the colors will cycle round

the colors will cycle round again.

I really hope not...nothing against the older colors, but I'd take fresher colors right now over recycled ones. Slate gray, slate blue, olive green, mandarin orange, two-tone...they're not what my wallet needs, but who asked it anyway?