Score! Now what do I do with them?

I went to my favourite book store today. And what do you think I found? A couple of reporter style Moleskine notebooks for Rs 60 each. That's roughly US$0.75 at the current exchange rate. Now someone else scored the huge pile of a dozen, I only got two. But, they say they're expecting more to come in a couple of days later. So the question is, what shall I do with these two? And if I do manage to get a whole stack, then what?

Problems, problems. :)

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Oh if only I had such a

Oh if only I had such a problem :)

The reporter notebooks are very good for managing 2 different types of information. So one notebook can easily become as functional as 2 just by flipping the whole notebook over.

As to what to use them for - at that price you can justify using them for anything. Although as they're so hard-wearing, you may want to make it information you'd like to keep and reference for some time.

I hadn't thought of that! Thank you!

The starting from both sides might work wonderfully well for my work/study division... or actually any number of dichotomies I can think of in my life. Creative stuff vs mundane details, personal vs professional, research vs writing, etc., etc., etc.

Many thanks!