desperately divided

I have waffled back and forth between the compact and classic or junior as Levenger refers to the half letter size.

After a year of expensive trial and error I have decided that I need the size of the Franklin covey compact; 4.25 x 6.75, but with a lay out and lots of 'white' space like the circa agenda from Levenger.

The dynamic template wont let me lay the week out like the circa agenda, and I can't use the only format FC still carries in the compact: vertical.

Can anyone point me to where to find a template for the page perfection that I know is possible?

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FC Simplicity?

Have you checked out Franklin Covey Simplicity weekly pages?

FC format with 4.25 x 6.75

I love this format. I use MS-Excel to create the forms or use Visio. The set up, on top page, I set two forms in the middle. Then one on the bottom. To cut the paper from letter size, I cut the top part 6.75 (then the left over on the bottom would be 4.25"). Then cut the top part by two from the 8.5 width, perfectly fit 4.25. The bottom part I use landscape or portrait by rotating it. Since all set up in the middle, I also can print double sided with out problem.
I like to have a narrow margin, so the two pages are set up in the middle with about .25" gap to be cut.