Miscellaneous Templates

Ah, the rest of the forms, those little outcasts bereft of a nice defined category....

Personal Profile
This form is for owner information such as your name, phone numbers and email address, as well as for an emergency contact. You should certainly take the time to fill this out as soon as possible. If your planner were to be lost, these details can help a kindly soul return it to you. Note that this template is generally meant to be put on the flip side of your cover so that it's easy to find.
Important Numbers
These are all the numbers you need in an emergency, in one place, so you don't have to go digging for information if a crisis occurs. Take a half-hour and find the numbers for your local hospital, fire department, poison control centre, landlord, etc. The flip side of the template is for other numbers such as babysitters, drugstores, copy centres, technical/computer helpdesks, crisis hotlines, support groups and --most urgent of all-- pizza delivery places.

Traditionally the important numbers page follows your personal
profile pages in your planner, but printing an extra copy to post on your refrigerator never hurts.

Trip Diary
If you're one of those people whose job mandates car travel and keeping track of mileage, this form is for you. Use it to keep track of dates, destinations, and odometer readings. Down below is space for items of impact or important notes, such as 'Went on personal trip to park: -22.00 km' or 'Delay at garage for fuel tank plug (4 hrs at Burin)'. This template can also be easily used as a milage diary to record just how far your car goes before gassing up at the next stop.
Automotive Maintenance Log
If you own a car, truck, ATV, skidoo, or any means of motorised transportation, then you have a reason to keep records of each and every time you take your vehicle into service. You may want to use the Auto Maintenance Log to keep track of all these times in your planner, as well as warranty information.
The FrankenForm was designed as a printer test page so that you might experiment with your settings to achieve optimal results. Print, tweak, print, tweak... you know the drill. Since this form contains almost all the standard elements and greyscales of the other forms, once you get this one right, you should have no problem with using the same settings for the rest of the forms. For more information about printing out the templates, please review the Printing documentation or your printer's manual.
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