Long Term Reminders?

One of the planning items that I have not yet figured out is what I call long term reminders. Here is an example: When I order letterhead the next time, I need to add a new line to our disclosure at the bottom. Now, there is no time frame on this. It could be months from now or it could be next week (depending on how fast we go through our letterhead). Where do I put this "reminder" so I do not forget to add that disclosure? My first thought is to put it in whatever file or checklist I use when I put in an order like this, but I really do not have one. I just know what to order, no checklist, no file, just email in the order... Any ideas or solutions you have found for something like this?

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Long Term Reminders

I have found that it is easiest to place a blank sheet of paper about an inch from the bottom of the final box of letterhead. When I have an addition to the letterhead I just write it on the blank sheet of paper. About an inch from the sheet I do my ordering and adjusting.


Sweet idea! Never thought of that - so simple! :D Thank you!

One tweak: make the blank

One tweak: make the blank sheet of paper some color that will really be noticable.

One time I was printing a mail-merged run on letterhead, and *someone* got a reorder reminder scrawled beneath the printing.



Ahh, yes. I actually did think about this, but thank you for mentioning it! I use bright orange, so if someone here misses that, then it is their own fault! :) Thanks again!