Question on Addictions

We've all or mostly accepted and admitted the fact that we're addicts. Pens, paper, planners. Is there anybody else out there who is addicted to Post-It Notes? I have a drawer full in various colors and sizes and shapes. I also have a fairly large quantity of Post-It Flags. I'm just wondering whether this is another addiction common to paper freaks. I'm the first to admit my own addiction here.

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so addicted

Oh have you used the lined ones yet? I just love those

"Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup"

You bet

Lined and super sticky.

Ohh you'd love some santa

Ohh you'd love some santa post it notes i got at christmas.

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!


I was very into post-its in college... then it died off a bit for me. Now I'm starting again... I couldn't resist cute ones i saw on clearance... and then i got funny ones for work by "Ding Dong" also on clearance. needless to say my stash is growing again :)

Oh... for post it lovers, check this out LINK I am so tempted to follow his lead and try it... :)

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Post It Notes

I even have a couple of books on Post It Notes:

Rapid Problem Solving with Post It Notes

Post-It Ideas that Stick

post it sale

i found several styles of post-its on sale at KMart including the durable tabs and 4 inch by 4 inch pads.

It looked like they were clearing out some styles to make room for new. :o) it might be worth a stop if you're out and about.

((My location sported 74 cents for a 3 pack of the super sticky yellow ones :D ))

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My mom has about three

My mom has about three drawers filled with post-its in various shapes, colors, sizes, and prints.