The Case of the Missing Editor: Announcing Ravens in the Library

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me. In January, I got asked to participate in a special limited edition anthology to help benefit musician SJ Tucker, who had medical issues in 2008. I accepted the offer and prepped my story for publication. For awhile now, most of my time has been focused around helping market, publicize, and spread the word about the book. Last Thursday the editors (Phil Brucato and Sandra Buskirk) announced that the book arrived from the printers and on Saturday, I drove to Seattle to help box books with 16 passionate people.

Many of you who have visited my personal website already know about this book and how excited I've been. For those of you who do not, I'd like to introduce you all to RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY. A compilation dedicated to SJ Tucker, born out of love for music, magic, and the muse. This special VERY limited edition book has been compiled to defray the medical expenses and recovery of musician S.J. Tucker. The anthology will NOT be released in stores, and it is NOT downloadable! It will be available only as long as those expenses remain unresolved. After that, RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY will disappear. Along with my story, it features stories written by many of my favorite writers including Newberry Award winner Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, Holly Black, and Francesca Lia Block. Order your copy today and help a good cause!

This is big news for me and for my writing career. I'm excited to have been apart of this anthology and hope that it's the first of many new works published by me. This is also the reason why I've sort of disappeared from this site and have not been regularly getting posts or reviews up for your enjoyment. I have a quite a backlog of reviews that I am working my way through, so expect more from me as soon as I can get things written. Before I wrap this plug up, I'd like to also announce that I will be signing copies of RAVENS in Seattle this Wednesday, March 25th, at The Dreaming Comics in the University District. So if you are local to the Seattle area (or even Portland, Oregon) come on up, meet me (and many of the other authors/artists) and get your own copy of Ravens.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support to D*I*Y Planner and for being patient with me as I struggle to find the balance between the publication, writing posts here, and editing my first novel.

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Ooooo, I can't wait... get my 2 copies! Beautiful cover. I hope to be in Seattle later this year (I'm an East Coaster) - I'll have to see if I can hook up with you for an autograph.



Crafty Pagan Computer Geek

Thank you Kerowyn, That

Thank you Kerowyn,

That would be lovely to hook up sometime. I'm thinking about designing a book plate for friends who have the book but cannot get out to have me sign it. If you'd like one, let me know via email and I'll send one out to you when I finish designing it.


that is just fabulous!

dear innowen, this is just wonderful, Congratulations! As you know writing a book or a story is not near so difficult and fraught as finishing a book or a story. Well done, and gorgeous cover. Again congratulations to you and your co-anthologists and give my personal regards to Ellen D. also.

Wow innowen, your baby's been born! So cool!

I'll get a copy tonight to support your project, but also to support you and your sister/brother writers.

archangel/ dr. e

Yay Support

Thank you so much archangel... yer message brought me happy tears. Thank you for the support and I will let everyone know that you say congrats!


inno - CONGRATS!

WOW! Innowen - CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting. I am very happy for you - keep up the great work!!

Thanks Nay Nay! I'm doing my

Thanks Nay Nay! I'm doing my best.



That is so exciting. And to be in the company of two of your favourite authors, too - it couldn't be much better. I'm so happy for you, and proud to know you through DIYP!


I'm so very proud of you, inno! This is an amazing accomplishment, and a portent of so many great things to come for you. I can't wait to read your story.

all my best,


Wow! That's incredible. I look forward to reading the story as well, and the novel.

We have the biggest ravens in the world here. Speaking of portents I saw one sitting outside a pub called the Black Knight as big as a cat. No joke.