play charades w me about this note card I cant find?

Hi there, your knowledge as a group always impresses me, and please, I wondered if you could help me find a notecard layout I saw on the internet, swear I bookmarked, and now, cant find squat.

It was in an article I think about legislative meetings or corporate meetings or something in that area.
--It was a 3x5 card used vertically I think,
--and the card was laid out to fill in certain things... so you could give this card, on the spot, to any legislator, lobbyist, other kind of person....

--and it would have all your info on it (name, phone, email) BUT it also had titled categories in the body for other things. It's the 'other things'... the other division titles on the card and what they're called that I'm after.

--I'd personally call the card an 'action card' (it was called something else) that you give to someone else, reminding them about what you spoke about, what you're asking of/delegating to them, and what aspect of a project it belongs to, and maybe a place for timeline, like urgent, medium priority... and maybe a window for a drawing too? It was something like that, but cant recall it all.

I really really liked it, cause I'm always trying to write at legislature or elsewhere on business cards etc. Too small and not enough info grid.

can you help me, do you know what I'm talking about and what it's called? Besides "i messed up and cant find it in my computer cause I probably didnt rename it something I could remember?" Bad dog.


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archangel - is this it?

MS Word Busines/Note Card:

Nay nay, you are a genius!


dear nay nay, you are a genius. That is EXACTLY what I saw. Thank you so much. You are just so cool.



WOW! Thanks for the nice note - you just made my day! Glad I could help! :)