Parker pen rollerball refills - I keep buying ones that are too short

I have this old gold Parker rollerball pen from the 1980's. I've bought a couple of refills for it but both are too short. Every listing I see for parker rollerball refills say "fits all cap rollerballs". But, alas, not mine.

The refills I bought measure 4.5 inches, and I would guess are 1/4 inch short? And I can't find any info on t' net.

Can anyone help?

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Have you tried...

contacting Parker ?
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Great Idea Ygor

Currently in email convo with them now! They replied back to me in about 15mins. How cool is that!

Thanks Ygor


Been emailing a rep from Parker's distributors in the US, and it seems genuine Parker rollerball refills are 4.75 inches, whereas the ones I bought (that are perhaps counterfeit) are only 4.5 inches. I did get these refills off Ebay.

I live to learn