Palm refugee


I've visited this site a few times in the past year or two, as I am gradually de-digitalizing (is that a word?) after many years as a PDA addict :)

I started out using a Filofax, then graduated to a DayTimer desktop planner in the late 90s to help me organise the production schedules of the dozen-plus science journals I was working on. Then the Palm III came along, and gadget lust took over. I justified the price by comparing the reusability of a PDA with the cost of a DayTimer day-per-two-pages refill (about forty quid or something equally extortionate, as I recall!). I quickly learnt Graffiti and was a very happy bunny.

Fast forward ten years, and I'm coming to realise that, although there are still things that my Palm (now a Tungsten E) does best - like alarms, games and podcasts - electronic devices still aren't much good for rapid scanning of lists and calendars. Plus, now that I spend my entire working day (and some of my leisure time) on a computer, my eyes thank me for any reduction in the amount I stare at a glowing screen.

So, I'm back to my Filofax (well, three in fact!), and whilst the standard refills are fine for some uses, I've noticed that the number of specialised refills has shrunk drastically since the early days. Gone are the weekly meal planners, recipe sheets and other pages that still lurk, yellowing, in my original 'household' Filofax...

Anyway, good to be here, and I hope to add some templates of my own in due course!

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I agree with de-digitalizing

I used to keep all my info in my handheld (HP iPAQ, T-Mobile Dash, and currently Blackberry Curve). But as you said, it is very inconvenient for many things - shopping lists, quick scan of the calendar, retrieving information while talking on the device, etc. I have gone old-school, with a DIY circa system. I still use the blackberry data functions - it's great for calendar reminders, quick web surfing/info lookup, GPS, pictures, short video clips, and the like. But I gotta have paper and pen for the rest. ;)