Which notebook for RenArt Moleskine cover?

I love my Renaissance Art Moleskine cover. But I'm loving less the actual Moleskine pocket notebook that goes in it. The paper's so thin, I can't use fountain pen or even rollerballs with the most recent one. I'm sure the quality's deteriorated over the few years.

Does anyone know an alternative notebook that would fit?

Otherwise, has anyone used the Molekine sketchbook - would this be a good alternative for writing with fountain pen ink?

Thanks for any advice or ideas.


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There are several blogs out

There are several blogs out there that have reviews of various notebooks and compares the size to moleskines. here is a link to one of those blogs - LINK

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Alt Moleskine refills

I have been looking for a good substitute for the Moleskine refills for over a year now. There were many of them at the Paperworld show in Frankfurt but all with the same paper issue, that is... if they let you test the paper with a fountain pen.

I am now connected with another source who is making the exact same size refill with different paper. Samples are coming from China and hope to have them in a couple weeks. This source happens to be long time business associate and personal friend. He said that if I do not like the paper, he can have them made with whatever paper I would like. Sounds promising.

The new US distributor for the Moleskine line is not quite on the ball. I went to place an order for the red Cahier notebooks and they told me that Moleskine did not make them in red. That is, until I told him I was holding in my hand samples of the red his company sent me.


Thanks both!

Sara, I checked out the link you provided and have ordered two potential replacements: the Rhodia Web notebook and the Cartesio pocket notebook. We shall see how they turn out. I'd forgotten about the Ciak pocket book, which is a bit small but would work at a pinch if I stuffed some extra card into the pocket that holds the back cover.

Arthur, I really appreciate your comments. I'm actually in the UK where Moleskine are ubiquitous, and I don't think either of the above examples will be perfect, but at least I'll have tried. With my current Moleskine (bought in the UK), I can't even use a fine gel pen, let alone a fountain pen, so anything would be better! Interested to know how your samples turn out though. Do please post with any info.

Thanks again


let us know

let us know how your replacements work out :)

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