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I now only use the Uniball 207s for writing checks... I thought this was a great feature to help reduce the risks of check washing, etc...

Many of the pen related blogs I visit these days are raving about this technology and I thought I'd share with yall :)

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Thanks for posting this, Sara

I, too, use Uniballs exclusively. I use the Jetstream for everyday writing as it dries instantly (I'm a leftie) and is extremely smooth-writing. This ink technology is an important advance for any important document you have to sign (contracts, taxes, court docs, etc.), not just checks. Usual disclaimer: I don't work for Uniball or Sanford, just love some of the pens.

Noodler's Bullet-Proof ?

It would be interesting to compare this pen's ink to the Bullet-Proof inks from Noodler's
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Uniball Vision Micro (0.5)

I use both the Noodlers bullet proof and the Unibal Vision Micro (waterproof). The unibal is a slightly deeper black to my eye. I love noodlers bullet proof black in my fountain pen and prefer writing with it.

However, for intermittent writing with the cap off, I go with the Unibal. My fountain pen tends to dry out if left open for a length of time without writing.

Also, on extended trips I'll always bring a unibal.

In either case, I prefer waterproof inks for my crazy sketches. They take a watercolor wash without wincing.

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Uniball 207 and the Signo RT

Uniball 207 and the Signo RT pens use the same ink formula. I use the 0.38 sized signo RT refill cut down to fit in Pilot G2 mini. Makes a great pocket pen.

FP's are great, and the Noodler Bulletproof black is great ink, but does feather on some papers, and doesn't write well on thermal papers like some CC receipts.

The gel pens are better for quick notes and such, and make a better pocket pen. Doesn't feather, drys lightning quick.

I keep my FP's at home most of the time.