Moleskine - pens which dont bleed thru in the uK??

Just a quicky can anyone recommend a pen which doesnt bleed thru when using thin moleskine notebook? I am loathed to use anything until i am sure it wont ruin my lovely new editions! But I am ultra keen to start using it thanks x

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pens for moleskines

It depends as much on how hard you press with your pen and how slowly or quickly you write as it does the pen or ink.

You should be OK with just about any standard ballpoint pen, pencil, coloured pencils and highlighter (if you use the highlighter lightly).

Rollerballs can be a problem depending on how much ink they give out and how heavily they dig into the paper, although generally ultra fine ones seem to be OK if writing lightly/quickly.

Fine gel pens are sometimes OK. But again sometimes they do bleed if the person using them writes slowly or heavily OR the pen has a quick flow.

Most felt tip pens bleed through, although I've had some success with lighter coloured Staedtler Tri-points. A little bleed through but with light colours (eg pale green, yellow, etc) it doesn't matter as much

Fountain pens, only if you have a lot of experience writing with them and can control the flow and pressure of your writing.

My suggestions - take your moleskine with you and test the pens on the back pages. If you don't want to do that, use a thinner, more porous piece of test paper (eg newspaper). If it survives then the moleskine certainly will

But also. Don't worry about it. The moleskine is to be used not kept in a museum. So over time it's going to get worn and perhaps a bit scuffed & ratty.

Have fun using it and don't worry too much about it


Thanks Katrina! :-)

Thanks Katrina! :-)

worse paper lately?

I don't have much to add here except to agree that old-fashioned ballpoints are the way to go... but I did want to say that Moleskine paper used to be much less absorbent! For a long time I've used my favourite type of cheap pen, an Artline fineliner, on my Moleskines and it didn't bleed. When I bought a new Moleskine about a year ago, it bled through badly! Disappointing when a great product drops its quality like this, I'm looking at alternatives now.

See my post on another thread. . .

I've got both the Rhodia Web notebook and the Cartesio notebook to try out as alternatives, since both are the right size for my Renaissance Arts Moleskine cover.

I haven't reviewed them yet properly, but on an initial test it doesn't look like either is any better than Moleskine in terms of showthrough or bleeding. But I'll post again when I've had time to assess them fully.

Thanks al thanks ktb! Useful

Thanks al thanks ktb! Useful stuff :-)